8 Augmented Reality Solutions That Can Improve Your Business

by Neha Sharma Digital marketing head

Augmented Realityis about ‘augmenting’ a real world experience by introducing ‘virtual’ objects into them via computer generated perceptual information which can be visual, auditory, or others. ARis expected to turn out to be a $100 billiondollar industry, in a year’s time.

With Google and Apple pioneering AR through mobile devices, andcompanies such asMicrosoft and Facebook using AR-glasses, some experts opine that AR might be leading the consumer industry soon enough.

Here are 8 Augmented Reality Solutions that you can use for your business:

(1)Augmented Reality Content Management System

This, in short, lets you upload, publish, and manage the AR contents on your app.It enables you to enhance print products with digital content.

You can:

·       Add Contentlike 360-degree overlay videos, 3D images, 3D models plus animation, and improve all the features with event-based action.

·       Test before Publishing.The AR content can be officially checked on your own app before publication.

·       Create Brand Campaignsfor products and their service promotions.

Industries which can use AR CMS:

·       AR Marketing

·       AR Visualization

·       AR Retail

·       AR Tours

·       AR Architecture

·       AR Advertisements

·       AR Shopping

(2)Augmented Reality Location Based App

Marker-less AR, also known as geo-location-based AR, refers to Augmented Reality features which are anchored on real-time locations. Digital data isplaced virtually over physical surroundings.This enables users to access the digital data by using AR ready devices like smartphones. At present, all smartphones have built-in location detection capabilities. Post the release of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit, phones supportingAR applications are easily available to consumers all over. This,in its turn, should lead to more interest and scope for Augmented Reality geo-location apps.

Use Cases:

·       Promotion and Marketing. Restaurants, stores, etc. can display their goods like virtual menus, and provideinformation regarding sales, offers, etc.

·       Entertainment, Gaming. Social gaming apps can be created, to enable players within a certain locality to interact with each other. Ingress, and Pokemon Go can be the most common examples of location-based AR related to games.

·       Navigation Apps. AR features can improve way-finding apps for delivering more interesting information to users.

(3)Augmented Reality Measurement

You can simply point the camera orientation of your phonewith respect to the real-world frame, and tape-measure real world objects.

(4)Augmented Reality Marker Based App

This app helps in finding visual markers that are already embedded in a system, so that virtual elements can be superimposed in the physical world.

This can help an educational animation to be displayed onto the right page in a book. The picture that can be identified by the device is referred to as the marker.

(5)Virtual Showroom

This AR app is designed to enable users to experience a virtual showroom where they can visualize all products available, without being physically present in the real showroom.This saves enormously on costs on the part of businesses such as car manufacturing and fashion. Customers, too, can save time, travelling trouble, and expenditure that would involve visiting a physical showroom.

(6)Virtual Walkthrough

This can enhance your site visits with immersive, 3D walkthroughs, plus cutting-edge floor plan technology, which helps users to navigate seamlessly.

Virtual Walkthroughs address a very fundamental requirement of the property industry. They help connect property buyers with sellers. They present the property online, where potential buyers spend time. The user is taken on a virtual tour around the property, making it possible for him/her to see things for himself/herself.

(7)Virtual Try On Solution

This solution is for Ecommerce and retail platforms. It enables users to try on various products, virtually.

Customers can try on glasses, watches, and jewelry virtually to check which ones suit them the best. Likewise, they can have their homes try furniture on virtually, too. It makes the buying experience more compelling and hassle free.

(8)Real Time Recognition

This is related to Object Recognition Technology, which is also known as Object Detection. The term refers to the ability to recognize the form and shape of various objects, and their position, as caught by the camera of the device.

Electronics is one area where this can be applied very well.This can be useful across processes from prototyping to operations. You can point your camera at some complex electronic device, and witness, on your smartphone, all its buttons – with information on which button is for what.

AR Solutions, as you see, can prove to be extremely useful for the smoother running of many operations.

Are you wondering which of these AR Solutions to select for the betterment of your business?

You are most welcome to contact us at Ascentspark for a free consultation related to Augmented Reality Solutions. We would be happy to guide you in the matter, providing solutions that would be completely customized for you.

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