8 Amazing and Striking Website Design Trends to Look For in 2020

by Nancy Jemes Blogger
Today, technology is too advanced and each business needs a website for their business. But, just making a website is not everything; it is important to make the right website that helps to attract your customers and also keep them engaged.
You need to always change or upgrade your website with new technology, and for this you should approach a reliable website design company that provides quality and affordable website design in Australia, or wherever you are located, that provides you with high-performance and faultless website.

2020 is coming; it means that it is time to start refreshing your website in order to meet the new demands of web design. There are some things that need to change or get upgraded with the new trends.

Here are some website design trends for 2020:

  1. Bold Typography
    Bold typography or oversized lettering is gaining more and more popularity, as website owners strive to simplify web design as much as possible. Bold typography has some vivid advantages. You can draw attention to your brand name or business objective by putting it in a big type on the home page of your website.

  2. Asymmetric Layouts
    Most websites are grid-based and the grid is made of imaginary lines that help layout elements on the page stay in order. Those website owners who want to be unique will start implementing a broken grid technique and placing design elements hectically because this technique makes the website look more creative and will be top of the top web design trend for 2020.

  3. Background Video
    In web design, moving visuals of different forms and formats have always been popular. The latest trend is the usage of background video and animation instead of static background that brings your platform to life and makes visitors stay longer or at least enough to watch the whole video.

  4. 3D Design
    The 3D design is another stunning trend for 2020. The importance of 3D graphics has already been recognized in the movie and game industry and the use of 3D is more engaging and enhances interest in your brand. 

  5. Custom Images
    Custom images add a unique sense of character to the website. With the help of this trend, you can display your brand identity and make it memorable to the visitors. 

  6. Split Content
    With the help of this web design technique, you can show more than one important message at a time on a single page and also make your website look more appealing and well-organized. 

  7. Parallax Web Design
    Parallax web design technique originally came from the video games and its secret lies in the background moving at different speeds during web page scrolling that creates a pseudo-3D-effect. 

  8. Voice User Interface
    This technique allows users to interact with a website through voice commands. While it is not strictly related to design, this trend will add functionality and usability to your platform and ensure that all website elements are accessible for people with physical disabilities. 

This is the list of top web design trends for 2020 and it doesn’t mean to use all of them at once. Choose those that are just perfect for your website or reflect your brand identity. And a website design company that provides quality services with unique, trendy and affordable website design in Australia, or wherever you stay, will help you pick the suitable technique and get a high-performing and appealing website. 

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