7 Ways to Make your Teeth Shimmer This Winter

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

Whenever people see you, they first see your smile. But in a single night, you cannot achieve a healthy smile. For creating and maintaining a healthy smile you need to make some efforts. Now I am going to tell you 7 ways to make your teeth shimmer this winter.

1.Do flossing every day – You cannot do brushing below the gumlines and between the teeth so as to remove the plaque. For plaque removal in those areas, you need to do flossing as this will help in preventing gingivitis and tooth decay. Periodontal disease can occur below the gumlines when the tartar forms there as a result of the plaque. Tooth loss and destruction of bones can occur because of this. Sometimes because of gum disease or gingivitis, bleeding can occur during flossing. But after 2 weeks the bleeding will stop, so don’t stop flossing.

2.Visit your hygienist at least 2 times in one year – You can have a beautiful smile and good dental health if every year at least 2 times you go for routine dental cleanings. Otherwise, periodontal disease can develop in your mouth. Your gums can bleed, recede and swell because of this. Sleep apnea, premature birth, obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart attack are the various health conditions that are linked to it.

Along with this oral cancer and high blood pressure are the various health conditions whose screening will also be performed by your dental hygienist.

3.Stop smoking – Tooth stains can occur because of smoking. Sometimes in the enamel, a deep soaking of the stains can occur. In the area surrounding your teeth, large pockets can develop because of the recession of the healthy gums. As a result of this, in between the teeth, dark spaces are created. Reversing gum disease can be very difficult if you smoke a lot.

4.Avoid drinking too much red wine, tea and coffee – Tooth stains can develop because of drinking red wine, tea and coffee. Tooth enamel’s internal staining can occur by drinking all these drinks. For reducing the possibility of tooth decay, you need to use a straw to consume these drinks.

5.Carefully select your products of whitening – Laser whitening, custom trays, over-the-counter trays, strips, toothpaste, rinses and gel pens are the various products that are available in the market so as to whiten teeth. For the people who drink tea and coffee, it will be good to use rinses and toothpaste that are made to whiten their teeth. When in the backside of your mouth a tooth shifts then you can whiten it with the use of gel pens.

6.Use a toothbrush of good quality – If you will use a manual toothbrush for removing plaque then it will not work in an effective manner. But an electric toothbrush is more effective than that. With the passing of time, it becomes necessary to change the heads of these toothbrushes. Go for buying a manual toothbrush having soft bristles if you can’t purchase an electric toothbrush. Never use a hard-bristled toothbrush. Your enamel can wear out and recession in your gums can occur by brushing in an aggressive manner with a hard-bristled toothbrush.

7.Drink water in the right volume – For your body and your smile, a drink that is the healthiest is water. In preventing tooth decay and cleaning teeth, water is very helpful. A good amount of fluoride is present in tap water. To discourage tooth decay and promote good dental health the water containing fluoride is very helpful. Tooth decay will increase if you will frequently consume drinks that are sugary or acidic.

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