7 Tips For Keeping Your Parking Lot Good As New

by Brittany Wolfe Content Writer

Parking lots usually have a long lifespan but they also need to be maintained from time to time to extend their longevity. Parking lot maintenance is an important part of commercial landscaping in Denver and it has many benefits.

A well-maintained parking lot keeps your property looking fresh and new and it also improves the safety of the vehicles and pedestrians as well. Here are some maintenance tips that will help your parking lot to live its maximum serviceable life.

Conduct Regular Inspection

Parking lot is one of the most used parts of your property and it sees a lot of traffic everyday. This can lead to cracking, chipping and other issues in the parking lot. If there is standing water it can lead to pothole formation, there could be oil and chemical spills from vehicles that could cause damage to the pavement surface as well. By inspecting the parking lot regularly, you can keep an eye out for all the faults and damages and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Maintain Proper Damage

Your parking lot should have a proper drainage system and it should be installed at the time of construction. If your parking lot does not have a proper drainage system, then you need to renovate your parking lot to install the right type of drainage. Having a proper drainage prevents standing water accumulated from rain or snow melts, which could cause potholes, depressions and uplifting of the pavement surface. Also keep the drains clean of debris to stop them from clogging.

Regular Sealcoating

Sealcoating acts as a protective layer that prevents the parking lot from staining or crumbling and also protects from the harmful rays of the sun. For new payments, sealcoating should be done within the first couple of months and for older parking lots it should be done every three to four years. Sealcoating protects your pavement and it also restores an old pavement to its former glory. Sealcoating paired with parking lot patching leaves your pavement looking as good as new.

Keep The Lot Clean

Keeping the parking lot clean of debris, leaves, and rocks improves the appearance of your property, makes it safe for the pedestrians as well as the vehicles, and also extends the life of the parking lot pavement. Dirt and debris if not cleaned for a long time, block the drainage in your parking lot leading to standing water on the pavement surface. This accumulated water can cause the parking lot surface to break down over time or develop cracks due to a softened sub-base. 

Don’t Forget Striping

Parking lot striping in Denver is an integral part of parking lot maintenance.  Properly striped parking lots define all the paths and parking spaces properly and it also labels all the handicapped parking spots and other handicap areas. It also makes the path for pedestrian traffic clear and prominent.  This helps keep the parking space organized, avoids door dings and chances of accidents.

Remove Oil And Gasoline Stains

Some vehicles might drip oil and gasoline, etc and these drips aren’t cleaned within the right time they can cause lasting damage. These chemical drips slowly eat away at the binding material that holds asphalt and concrete together and causes the asphalt to deteriorate quickly. Clean these stains as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage.

Fill The Cracks

Some cracks will inevitably appear on your parking lot, some may be due to aging of the pavement, due to poor weather conditions, or due to heavy wear and tear of the parking lot. Whenever you notice a crack in your pavement, even a small one have it filled immediately to prevent the crack from spreading. When water gets inside the cracks of the pavement it leads to the pavement surface deteriorating. Also, in the winter months, the freeze-thaw cycle leads to the water in the cracks to freeze, melt, refreeze and expand. This leads to the cracks becoming bigger and bigger giving way to huge cracks or potholes.

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