7 quick strategies to grow your business

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Surely you have heard the saying that "if your business is not growing, it is dying." Maybe it sounds a bit trite and you don't give it enough importance, but I honestly tell you, as a Business Coach, I have been able to get to know many businesses up close, there is nothing more certain than this. At 411 information you will get the perfect strategies to grow your business online.

In business, as in life itself, if you are not growing, you are dying. See for example the garden of your house, or a park, observe the trees, see that they simply cannot stop growing, because if they do, they begin to die. You have to think about your business in the same way, grow or die. And since dying is not exactly the best option, let's focus on growing it.

1: Increase your prices

As simple as that. If you have not raised prices by the beginning of the year, what do you expect ?. Most business owners, when I recommend this strategy, "hit the shout in the sky" and are afraid to do so, but the reality is that very few customers will complain about the increase in price, and even the vast majority or You will even notice. Those who will complain, I am sure they were already complaining about your prices. Try it if you want a certain group of products if you don't believe me.

2: Sell in package

I also call this strategy the Big Mac strategy. Who among you has not gone to McDonalds, asked for a hamburger, Big Mac for example, and came out with giant potatoes, a soda that is surely not going to end and an ice cream cone in hand? Well, it is just what we have to learn as business owners of McDonalds systems. See that you can add to your product or service for what you can charge a little more, or think about how to package your service or products, so that the getne will buy you more every time he does business with you.

3: Recover your accounts receivable

I know that this strategy is not precisely for growth, but there are many companies that do not have a portfolio recovery system running consistently. Create the system so that letters are sent, calls are made, emails are sent, etc., so that your customers pay you in a timely manner.

4: Send a Newsletter by Email or Newsletter

Send, preferably every week, a piece with a lot of valuable content to your customers. People love to hear about the businesses from which we have received excellent treatment, so make sure you stay present, sending them relevant news and information, and why not, asking them to come back through offers that you can include in your newsletter.

5: Introduce your entire range of products/services

Has it ever happened to you that one of your clients tells you: "Hey, I didn't know you were selling that too." This is very common, so don't let it happen to you anymore. Make sure you have your entire range of products available to your customers, either through a catalog, placing all the information about the services or products you offer on your website, or simply mentioning them following you, and your sales team a script.

6: Train your sales staff

This is probably the largest potential growth area of ​​most small and medium businesses. If dentists, athletes, lawyers, accountants, have to be constantly updating and learning, why not your sales team? Train them constantly, invite them to seminars, provide proportionate books, in short, have them become the best professional sellers, and you will see the magnificent result they will give.

7: Track your prospects

It sounds equally very simplistic, but believe me I have met many business owners who simply let go of the sales opportunities because they believe that their prospects are not interested in their product or service, because they are not called or contacted. So don't let that happen to you, follow up on each prospect, be proactive and ask for their contact information, and don't wait for them to call you. If you think that this can be a bit of pressure for your prospects, maybe a little, but the companies that put a little pressure on their prospects are those that take sales.

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