7 New Ways to Increase Your Networking with Social Media

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Don’t think of these as follow-up requests; they are just polite invitations to connect with people. Why waste your time making cold calls to people who won’t be interested? Make a list of people you would like to reach, then show up at the right place at the right time with a note about who you’re interviewing.

However, ask yourself if you’re a networking event host, who can you speak to before the event? Once you’ve arrived at the event, see if the manager or event director can do anything to give you a friendly introduction to the attendee you’re interviewing.

Not sure who to approach? Everyone we interview does some social media, but we have compiled a list of seven new ways to find new ways to be effective in social media:

Facebook Local: For event bookers, finding people’s interests within a distance is far more accurate than checking the local restaurant directory to see if the place is popular. A user can search for neighbors to interview who live in a particular neighborhood and make suggestions of people they might be interested in talking to.


Many people are already more comfortable using social media for work, but because your event might be only a couple of blocks away, showing up at the venue — asking the manager to open a tab and watch your Facebook livestream — can make this networking event seem more attractive and beneficial.


The self-serve approach of On Point is not only simple, but it allows you to find people that are attending a specific event. New Business Matching shows a personalized match up between you and the event presenter. As you Google people, you’ll see three- to five-digit ranges of personal characteristics such as past experiences and interests.

Content Creation Group Text Solvers helps organize and align text messages to engage the attendees more fully. Create a document within that you can send to the sponsoring entity. For example, when you contact the owner of a company on Expat Group text message, you will see a catch phrase used by the sponsor.

Link Up

Launching a new business is intimidating. A leader in the recruiting industry, Paul Reeves, of AmImpact, recommends LinkedIn groups as a good way to share and collect the necessary information about potential client contacts.

Food and Drink

Intimacy is key to creating a strong bond with an attendee who may attend your event. Perhaps the best way to bond with your attendees is by letting them know you are coming by offering them food and drink. This makes the individual feel invited and provides the opportunity to discuss what they liked about the event.

Beyond the traditional networking methods, social media also provides people with unique opportunities to connect. While the following examples might not be the most effective ways to network, they still provide many ideas about how to connect with people who share similar interests or background:

NoCT a human with knowledge and experience that is specific to that business. Be introduced to other like-minded professionals. Use Buffer to collect updates. Fill your newsfeed with content that helps your network grow. Join a group discussion or use the online chat feature to engage with the members of the group. Set up an intro from your event sponsor. Create a virtual room where attendees can share exclusive content about the event. Have professionals moderate the conversation. Create an online or over-the-phone session with attendee who are either in the United States or abroad. Use LinkedIn Groups to share content and connect with people with common interests. Use the Events section to connect with those who are attending a particular event.

Using social media as a networking tool can offer people opportunities to connect with others based on shared interests or backgrounds. By simply asking the right questions and combining it with their previous experiences or professional knowledge, you can use social media to help create a better networking experience. visit website for more information about Increase Your Networking with Social Media.

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