7 Important Facts You Must Know about Personal Loans

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Now a days as the internet is making their path to online marketing, transactions and many other things in financial sectors taking a personal online loan has become easier than before. But we don’t know other factors which also come with taking personal loans and all of us must know these:

1.      Boost Your Credit Score with Personal Loan

 If you smartly use a personal loan then it can boost your credit score. It will be smart if you fuse all debts of your credit cards and pay every month via a personal loan. Along with simplifying your finances it will improve your credit also.


2.      Credit Bureaus Can Do Mistake

 Credit bureaus sometimes do make blunder. Sometimes there are old debts which you have already paid still remains or you are carrying a debt which is not yours but of some other person with similar name. Even you can get same credit debt report for many times. No need to stress if you know you are paying timely with accurate amount.


3.      Take Help from Credit Utilization Ratio

 The credit utilization ratio compares your available credit amount with the exact amount of credit you are using. Potential lenders take note of these. The ratio should be low even if you pay your loans regularly and on time. Prospective lenders check if their customer’s this ratio is low. Keep a consistent and also ideal low ratio which must be lower than 30%.


4.      Credit Cards, Personal Loans and Their Differences

 Credit cards can be used multiple times if you repay the debts in full or in installments over a year. Whereas personal loan is one big loan you get beforehand and then repay it in small portions every month for a certain period of time. So, it is best to do large-scale purchases through personal loans. You will have to pay less interest than with your credit cards.


5.      Consolidate All Credit Card Debts with One Personal Loan

 Sometimes it gets overwhelming to keep track of so many of high-interest debts, hence it is best to take one loan that covers all your requirement and you can repay faster and also save some money as there is one interest rate and you can pay per month balancing your other financial things.


6.      Look for Best Lender Before Applying

 There are many lenders available who give personal loans. But it is important to choose the best lender before you take your personal loan. You must also make sure you take one loan at a time because the best lender will check your credit score before he or she approved your application. Credit score drops whenever you take a personal loan and it will reflect on your credit report for 2 years.


7.      Stick to a Budget

Make a budget and then stick to it strictly. You not only will save some money but also will realize where you are spending it unnecessarily. It will be able to keep track of your finances. You can also use some apps for that. Ensure that the personal loan which you are going to take can fit in your budget of every month because you have to repay every month. 

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