7 Facts About Trenchless Sewer Repair

by FORD’S Plumbing & Heating Plumbing Contractors Los Angeles

When a sewer or water line springs a leak, it means that it has burst and requires repairing or even replacement. The extent to which a particluar line is damaged determines if a simple repair job will do or replacement is essential. When you have to dig up to repair a water or sewer line, it can be extremely difficult and challenging process. It is a well known fact that trenching requires extensive labor costs, not to mention using state-of-the-art equipment.

Thanks to recent technological advances made by plumbing industry, trenchless sewer repair Los Angeles has made this otherwise long and complex process an efficient and straightforward task. This article discusses useful facts about trenchless sewer repair which will help readers to have a good idea of this latest plumbing technology.

1. It Involves Minimal Digging: One of the obvious facts about trenchless sewer repair is that it involves minimal digging as opposed to traditional trenching. Pavements need not be broken, gardens and lawns will be as safe as ever, and your beautiful home will still be beautiful after a leaking or busted pipe is repaired. The trenchless system involves minimal disturbance, thus allowing homeowners to resume routine activities without any hassle.

2. It Prevents Future Damage: Using traditional methods to repair pipes often expose pipes to possible future repairs. But with this new technology, pipes are given special epoxy lining, which hardens the pipe against future intrusions and structural issues.

3. It Saves Money: The first way to save money is by eliminating the need for the costly crew to perform digging work. The new technique involves just a couple of technicians, saving you loads of money on labor cost. And, since there's minimal cleanup involved after trenchless sewer repair, the total repair bill is lower. When most people are looking to save money whenever they can, there could not be a better opportunity than this latest method to save money.

4. It Uses Seamless Pipe Technology: Many pipes that need repair are old pipes, which makes connecting joints vulnerable to leak and damage. In this new technique, only seamless pipes are used, which means that water, tree roots, and other sources of damage have no chance to gain entry to the pipe.

5. It's Versatile: Trenchless sewer repair technology is more versatile as compared to traditional means of technology. It can be applied where old technology simply won't work. Whether you're dealing with root intrusion or replacing an aging pipe, it offers more economical and flexible options for repairing and replacing old pipes.

6. It Saves Time: A minute is saved is a minute earned. In today's era, people want to get tasks accomplished easily and quickly. Trenchless sewer repair lasts for a long time, which eliminates any inconvenience to property owners. It allows your home or business to get back to its normal operations as soon as possible without any further delay.

7. It Makes Your Sewer Stronger: Seamless pipes technology makes your sewer stronger and durable as compared to traditional sewer repair.

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