7 Factors to Consider when Choosing a team for your Baby Photography in Chennai

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

We understand that your child is your rock and your treasure and getting a photograph of your baby can mean a lot.

Every parent always aims to give the best to their children, right from food to shelter. So it does not come as a surprise when a parent seeks to hire the best team for their baby photography in Chennai.

 Hiring a baby photographer for your child can be one of the greatest gifts you give them. Your children will definitely cherish their photograph for a lifetime, as I’m very sure that there isn’t someone who wouldn’t love a cute photograph of themselves as a baby.

But hiring the right photographer can be a little daunting. Photography is an art that needs to be practiced with hands-on practical effort. Hiring the right team to capture your baby will mean the difference between an awesome portrait and a run on the mill clichéd photograph.

Are you looking to hire the best team for your baby photography needs in Chennai?

If so, then this has a list of the 7 factors that you can consider before hiring the best team for your baby photography in Chennai.

Are they experienced with baby photography?

Capturing a baby is something like taming a wild gorilla. Theoretically, it all works out but when only when you start capturing, does the gorilla (baby) start posing all types of new problems.

Maybe the baby gets hungry and starts crying?


The bay decides to look everywhere instead of right at the camera.

Babies can be highly unpredictable and working with them can be hard. However a professional will understand the difficulties and will always look to make the best out of the situation.

Patience and strategic methods to photograph your baby can be cultivated through proper training and professional experience.

Do they have an established portfolio for baby photography?


Portfolios are generally a great means to judge someone’s business. Especially when deciding on a team to capture your child’s photo.

A portfolio gives you a general idea about how the team goes on choosing perspectives and angles for your baby photography in Chennai.  You can have a look at their portfolio to get a better idea about the kind of creative effort they put into their work.

Do they maintain principles for the safety of your newborn?

At the end of the day, you always want your baby to stay safe and injury-free.  God forbid but no one means to risk their baby’s life to get a great looking photograph.

When hiring a team for your baby photography in Chennai, make sure that they stick to certain rules that maintain the safety of your baby.

Aspects like light intensities and props must be limited to a minimum when photographing your baby. The team of photographers must also make sure to not force the baby to include poses.

Make sure that the team have straps for their cameras and the shooting zone does not include fragile materials like glass bottles that the baby can easily break.

Are they consistent with their projects?


“Consistency is the key to success”.

This rule applies across all industries and is no exception to the professional photography industry.

A consistent baby photographer has a higher chance of staying on top of his game, rather than someone who does not get many projects. It might sound a little harsh, but it is essential when looking for the best team for baby photography in Chennai.

A consistent photographer will have the necessary experience and knowledge to produce great portraits for your baby.

Do they own a registered business and their own set of equipment?


A professional photographer who is serious about his business will most probably have a registered business and the basic pieces of equipment. 

A registered address shows their level of professionalism and dedication towards their craft. That is the team that will most probably work for the betterment of your needs and provide you with the best pieces of adorable photos, of your baby.

Is the photographer affordable?


This serves as one of the most important aspects when looking for a team for your baby photography in Chennai.

Affordability is a huge factor when it comes to the art industry. Make sure that the photographer is really affordable ( fits in your budget ).

Even though some photographers may be great at what they do, the financial barrier may prevent us from hiring them. Do not worry though as your professional photographer may be just around the corner of your search.

So keep on searching till you find the right photographer under your budget.

What kind of love do they show towards their work?

When you talk to a potential team of photographers, look for someone who can build upon your ideas for your baby’s photoshoot. If you do not have an idea, look for someone who can be creative and provide you with a ton of ideas for your baby’s photoshoot.

Photography is a creative expression.

Your baby’s photo must be unique and creative. Choose someone whose work you love and adore. Look at their portfolio and have a chat with them to make sure they will be able to deliver the one you’re looking for.

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