6 Tips To Secure Your Office Wi-Fi

by Rizwan Khan Professional Interior Designer

Having a good Wi-Fi connection is such a boon. You can access files on your phone, make data calls, send out emails, watch videos and movies and do countless other things. However, with this fantastic invention, there are a few drawbacks too. A Wi-Fi connection can be easily hacked into and misused by miscreants. If you have an unlimited wireless Internet in your office, you need to make sure that it is completely secure and is not being misused by anyone. We have put together a list of 6 tips that will help you to secure your office Wi-Fi. Here’s everything you need to know:


1. The first thing you need to do to make sure that unlimited wireless Internet is safe and secure in the office is that you need to set a strong password. If you’re going to use some weak and predictable password like “password” or your name and your birthday, it won’t take much time for anyone to hack into the system. You need to choose a password that’s hard to figure out for your office Wi-Fi and your unlimited home Wi-Fi plans.


2. The next step towards securing your office’s unlimited Internet plans is to make sure that you offer a separate network for your guests and visitors. If you allow guests to share the regular network, it can prove to be a security hazard, and they may also be able to access important documents and files from your system. In order to separate your network from the guest network, you need to use an independent internet connection that has it’s own wireless access point.


3. Another effective way to secure your unlimited Internet plans is by making sure that your network name remains hidden. The network name or SSID is usually visible to all so that one can connect to it with ease. However, you can change the settings of the visibility and hide your network name for security purposes.


4. The fourth step that you need to take to ensure that your unlimited home Wi-Fi plans or office wi-fi plans are secure is setting up a hardware firewall. The firewall will protect against attacks that come in from outside of the network.


5. The fifth step towards making your Internet connection secure is by using powerful encryption. To keep hackers and misusers away from your Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that you use some form of WPA protection. The older form of WEP protection is very easy to crack and will not secure your network from hackers and other miscreants.


6. Lastly, in order to make sure that you Wi-Fi of the office is secure, you need to update your password every few weeks. When you share your Wi-Fo password with employees and staff members are visitors in the office, it is likely that the Wi-Fi connection will automatically connect onto their phones and laptops after their first login. If these employees retire or leave the job, you don’t want them to use the Wi-Fi from a nearby vicinity and have access to private and offices information that may be in the network. So, it is essential that you change the password every few weeks for your safety.


Well, now that you know all the protective steps that you need to take for a safe and secure Wi-Fi, start taking these steps immediately and avoid any mishaps. Incorporating these security steps will guarantee a great amount of safety for your office network. You won’t need to worry about industrial spies trying to hack into your network and steal important data and information.

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