6 Things You Should Not Miss Before Buying A New Home in Australia

by Aria Akachi Writer & Web marketing consultant

There are ample of superficial aspects like granite countertops or hardwood floors when you are purchasing a home in North Sydney, detached home or a condo. You will be responsible for every aspect of the home’s integrity which includes the parts which are vital to the functioning of a home as a homeowner yourself.

Plumbing and electrical systems are the keys areas where you need to bring about professional licensed electricians from electrical services Central Coast to get a proper electrical solution.

To help you with the task you can have the county or a city inspector or you can also find electrical contractors of emergency electrical services Central Coast to look into it. All you need to ensure that the home which you are trying to buy meets the safety standards required by the National Electrical Code and also make sure that the home is up-to-date.

To meet the supply of the home and to have enough space for future expansion you should opt for the electrical services Central Coast. All the wiring surrounding the house should be in a working condition and of the right type.

When you view the house at the first instance there are several red flags which you should be looking into. You can hire the professional for the more advanced issues if the home passes through your initial judgments.

Water Heater

You need to take a closer look at the hot water tank. The heat source, the size and the age of the tank should be noted. If the one in your prospective home is close to that age then you may need a replacement in the following years which will cost you a lot though there are tanks which last more than 10 years. 

The electrical source of the water heater can also be checked when you call an electrician from the Hudson Sydney.


To ensure that they are in a well-to-do condition you need to inspect the toilet and the floor which are around them. Leading to a very high rise in water bills make sure that the toilets are not kept running. You also need to make sure that the base of the toilet is not soft underfoot.


Buyers need to be aware of whether or not the home has a jetted whirlpool tub or not. Current research suggests that a jetted whirlpool tub is extremely unhygienic and can be the home to harmful bacteria.

Electrical Panels

The electrical requirements for a home were much lower than what they are today for homes which were built in the first half of the 20th century. Many older homes have undersized electrical panels as an outcome.

You need to have your electrical panel checked and also the electrical wiring for home through the reputed electrical contractors Central Coast.

GFCI Outlets

To prevent the unintended electrical shocks in the areas that have water present like the washrooms and kitchens, ground fault circuit interrupter is used. The GFCI outlet detects this and automatically trips the circuit thereby preventing you from being hurt if there is an imbalance in the current.

You need to make a note if any need is required for the seller to sale as you need to check for the outlets in your potential home and you can have it done through the Central Coast electrical contractors.

Tube and Knob Wirings

You may be able to check for the knob and the tube wiring for yourself as if not then this job for your home inspector if the home which you are considering to purchase has an unfinished basement. To wire a home from 1880 to the 1930’s knob and tube wiring was a commonly used method.

As this is susceptible to overheating and damage by the rodents and renovations knob and tube wiring is widely considered an outdated and dangerous wiring method these days.

To conclude

You do not necessarily have to walk away from the purchase if you do not find any of these plumbing or electrical issues. You may be able to negotiate with the seller depending on the state of the housing market in your area.

It is important to not overlook these issues even if the home is perfect in every other way and this is true for whatever you choose. It just tends to make it worse when you supposedly ignore these issues. 

For more information on where to look for the best local licensed electricians or the renowned Hudson electrical services, you can simply visit the website.

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