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You already know how important it is to develop a skincare routine that is personalized to your skin type in order to keep it safe. When it comes to putting together a makeup routine, though, skin tone is also a major consideration. Those with darker skin tones can need special treatment. That means knowing the right tips to follow and products to use for a healthy-looking complexion is important for Black women and other women of color with darker complexions.

Here are the top-6

Cleanse Gently:

When darker skin is dehydrated, it may appear ashy. Did your grandmother slather petroleum jelly on your face too? Rather than resorting to extreme steps, use a mild, gentle facial cleanser like micellar water, which is formulated especially for dry skin. Micellar water quickly and gently removes surface-level impurities and makeup from the skin without drying it out, thanks to the strength of tiny oil molecules.


Choose a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type while still being suitable for all skin tones. When it comes to face moisturizers, look for ones that contain hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water, as these ingredients help to provide long-lasting hydration.

Avoid Over-exfoliation:

Exfoliants can irritate darker skin, so pay attention to how your skin reacts when you exfoliate. There is no fixed response for how many days a week you should exfoliate—it all depends on your skin. Some people can exfoliate several times a week, while others can only do it once a week. When it comes to skincare for Black women, a gentle, nourishing physical exfoliant is a good option.

Best Natural Skincare

Dark Spots Care:

Skin discolorations, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and other dark spots, are more common in people with dark skin tones. When anything causes the skin to create more melanin, these spots appear. Look for products made with an ingredient like glycolic acid if you're a person of colour who wants to speed up the process.

Sleeping Priority:

It might seem easy in principle, but not having enough beauty sleep can have a negative impact on your skin (and this is true for people of all skin tones). Sleep is beneficial not only for resetting and recharging your body for the next day, but it also helps to refresh your skin. As a result, make sure to arrange a time to catch those Zs.

SPF Solution:

People with melanin-rich skin used to believe (and were told) that they couldn't get sunburnt and therefore didn't need to wear sunscreen. Then we discovered, through science and, sadly, practice, that it is simply not true. SPF is needed regardless of your skin type. Remember to reapply SPF every few hours during the day, or more often if you're swimming or sweating a lot.


When you want to make the most out of your Best Natural Skincare routine, always choose quality over the price because you never want to damage your skin with unreliable easy options.


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