6 Reasons Your Website Design Is Not Attracting Potential Customers

by Deepti Gaur Digital marketing Specialist

Colors, graphics, and content are equally important in bringing up a website. An ecommerce website development is aimed at gaining potential customers with the simplest and easiest to navigate designs. But, somewhere in the middle of designing a great looking website and presenting the products to customers, ecommerce website designing loses out on customers due to minor mistakes. These could be the potentials customers who were once willing to spend as much for the products. So, it should be kept in mind that one just cannot throw elements randomly on the website and expect a good traffic that can be converted.

Ecommerce website developers believe that the appearance of the website has everything to do with the conversions. Any website development company that takes up the development job can prepare a checklist and work accordingly to keep a check on the major miss outs.

1.  Hard-to-read content: One of the characteristics that is valued the most by web Development Company in Delhi is readability. Not everyone who is visiting the website will know all the technical terms related to the industry. In order to make the readers understand, be sure to explain the technical terms in first reference or, best web design company save it till the customers are on board with the services.

2.  Overuse of ads on the page: Web designing company in Delhi should not rely on ads to fill the pages as it becomes really annoying for the customers. Customers do not want to waste any more seconds on the websites that are ad-heavy. Best is to not have them at all, but, mini-mum distraction can also work. Visitors will be more interested to spend extra time if, they do not have to skim through ads to see the content.

3.  Page load time: It is important for any web application development to look after the page load time. Any page that takes longer than three seconds to load is likely to lose nearly half of its traffic. This means if your site is slow, then it could lose half of the potential customers and they will search for your competitors from the search results. On mobile devices, however, the time frame is a little more forgiving.

4.  Call to action: Though any website development company in Delhi feels that it is extremely important to have called to action on the site, too many are overwhelming. Visitors might get annoyed with the overselling nature of the website that constantly asks for information.

5.  Videos on the page: Automatically-playing video clip is a nightmare as it does not require any pressing of the button and you will have to hear the video anyway. Many visitors to the site get annoyed if the site does this, and bounce almost immediately. A web design company in India should keep it in mind to turn off autoplay, and letting the visitors decide whether or not to watch the video content is the ideal way.

6.  Information of the visitors: The chances of losing a portion of your visitors gets higher as soon as they are required to feed any information. First-time visitors are mostly looking for a specific information on the website and then will leave. So, ecommerce Development Company should involve the process of gathering information like their name and email address at the later stage, then at the start of the process.

A busy website design with overwhelming colors and graphics repels the customers and they run towards a cleaner and easier looking design. Website designing in Delhi has much to do with attracting the right kind of customers so, most of the companies work in line with the business and design to reach to a productive website.


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