6 Reasons Why You Need Furnace Cleaning

by Robert Morgan airzonehvac

As a general rule, an average furnace should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. It will make your HVAC system efficient and long-lasting. At the same time, it will protect your ducts and prevent dust from spreading throughout your home.

So, here are six reasons why you need furnace cleaning:

1 - Trouble Maintaining the Temperature

The job of a furnace is to keep your home warm. But if you are facing inconsistent temperature or no heat at all. You may have dirt and dust in your furnace that needs to be cleaned before it's too late.

Similarly, other situations could be when your furnace turns off or on too quickly. 

2 - Yellow or Orange Flame

The colour of your furnace indicates its working functionality. For example, the flame should be blue if your furnace is working properly. But if it's yellow or orange, the gas and oxygen balance is off. It might be due to a clogged burner. Therefore, a thorough cleaning is required.

3 - Odd Smell from the Furnace

Have you ever followed a strange odour in the house? It might be coming from your furnace, wherein a good cleaning can help.

It's time for furnace cleaning in Ottawa if you smell rubber, smoke, or oil while your furnace is running. Allowing these odours to persist without cleaning might lead to a dangerous situation.

4 - Strange Noise from the Furnace

Unusual and strange noises are a homeowner's greatest fear. In the case of a furnace, it could be a bang or even whistling. These sounds can be caused by clogged air filters, unclean burners, or a limited fuel supply. It means that a thorough cleaning is required.

5 - Indoor Air Quality Issues

When your furnace has dust, mould, or filth, it all gets into your air. You may realise that you need to dust more frequently or that your air has a musty smell. You may even face allergy problems during the winter. If that's the case, a simple furnace cleaning might improve your indoor air quality.

6 - Energy Bill is Increasing

If your furnace's fuel efficiency has been dropping, it probably needs a deep cleaning. If you neglect this problem, you will reach the end of your time sooner rather than later. Therefore, you must clean the furnace at the earliest.

If you do need a new furnace, modern models are much energy efficient. They pay for themselves much faster than you would think.

To conclude

Maintaining your furnace will help you avoid or delay costly and harmful problems. So if you wish to avoid the above problems, call a professional and stay consistent with the furnace cleaning.

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