6 Reasons Why Corrugated Boxes Gaining Popularity.

by Ellifia Jhon web designer

The corrugated boxes are one of the most used packaging types around the globe. Their sturdiness is the primary reason for their immense popularity. The secret behind their sturdiness is in their structure made out of folds. The flat cardboard sheet is assembled easily by fixing all the flaps. Just upper flaps are left open for the product to be placed in them. The corrugated materials used to make them are organic. That makes them a biodegradable packaging. They can be recycled many times, so they are one of the most eco-friendly packages around the world. Businesses get them printed with their logo and name to make them brand ambassadors. They can also be printed with taglines and slogans of the company to get marketing benefits. They can be laminated with a smooth vinyl sheet to make them moisture resistant. They can be customized into any design and shape as per the requirements of the product. Corrugated boxes have a wide variety of uses that attract many manufacturers to use them. They are one of the safest packages around the world, but this is not the only reason for their popularity. These are the six reasons that will show you why they are becoming popular with the passage of the time. 


Safe and strong materials

The boxes made up of corrugated cardboard materials are very sturdy. Their strength can also be regulated by changing the thickness of the cardboard sheet they are manufactured with. Another reason behind their advantage is that they have a structure made up of various folds. Due to their sturdiness, they provide immense security to the products packed inside. Their material is naturally temperature resistant, so they safeguard the products from temperature changes during transportation. They do not let the moisture and other harmful elements penetrate inside the package after getting laminated with the vinyl sheet. Their material provides safety against bacteria; that is why they are the preferred choice of many businesses. Corrugated Cardboard Packaging can be manufactured with dual encasement. That gives protection against the impacts of vibrations during transportation. 


Low cost

Corrugated boxes are very budget-friendly. Saving the costs and increasing profits is one of the essential functions of the business. These packages can contribute to these functions in numerous ways. They are manufactured with recycled materials that are pretty economical. Their manufacturing process is also very energy-efficient, making their cost more affordable. Furthermore, they are manufactured in flat sheets that are assembled later by the customers. That keeps their delivery cost of corrugated packaging manufacturers very low. They are very lightweight and can be customized according to the size of the products. Resulting in the low shipping cost for transporting the products. Moreover, they can be used as brand ambassadors as well as marketers to promote the products and the brand. These are costly functions that are done cost-effectively by the businesses. Companies can reduce their cost more by purchasing corrugated boxes wholesale.



Custom corrugated packaging is highly versatile. It can be manufactured in any desired shape and size. Its size is dependent on the size of the product. Whereas the forms can be varied according to different circumstances. Businesses can get it manufactured in the conventional rectangular shape. It can be built in cylindrical or in pillow shape as well. Some companies also take advantage of customization of forms to make it personalized according to a specific event. Its designs and colors are can also be customized according to the requirements of the product as well as the taste of the brand. Custom printed corrugated boxes may have artistic illustrations and images that increase the charm of the package. They can be printed with eye-catching colors as well.


Marketing and branding benefits

Marketing is the function of businesses that have enormous importance. This function can be done by the use of custom corrugated boxes. As they can be printed in many ways, companies get them printed with their slogans and taglines to promote their products. These taglines can be written in a prominent position to get more attraction. Corrugated packaging boxes can also be printed with branding information like the name and logo of the brand. They can be colored in a matching theme as of the brand. They can also be printed with the same color scheme as of the logo. In this way, they become the marketers and brand ambassadors of the brand. As a result, they increase brand recognition and enhance the image of the business. 


They are nature-friendly

Corrugated packaging is manufactured with organic materials. This biodegradable package decomposes under natural circumstances quickly. They do not produce toxic elements during decomposition. Their manufacturing process is also nature-friendly as it does not provide any hazardous components. Their materials are safe enough to pack food and skincare items. They can be recycled many times. In this way, they contribute to conserving natural resources. All these features show their eco-friendliness. People nowadays are more motivated than ever before to reduce the consumption of harmful products. That is another reason why these custom corrugated boxes are in demand. 



Custom printed corrugated boxes can be reused in the daily life of the people. Their durability allows the users to reuse them for a long time. They can be reused as toy storage packages. They provide an effective option to organize the papers in the office. Many people use them as flowerpots. People also use them as home d├ęcor. They can be used to make an indoor dog house. Gift packaging is also excellent reuse of them. Businesses know this and put branding information to get long term branding advantages. There are multiple factors for the growing popularity of corrugated packaging boxes. Their reusability, budget-friendliness, protection abilities, and versatility are some of the many reasons behind their increasing demand. Regardless of this, their marketing and branding benefits are behind the increased purchase of the corrugated boxes wholesale

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