6 Essential Steps to Bringing a New Dog into Your Home

by Emma L. Business consultant

First impressions are important. Just like with new people we meet, this is also the case with pets we bring home. Adopting a dog can be a stressful yet wonderful thing and when we want to introduce them to our house, it is recommended to plan that with a lot of caution. This is, of course, if you want both you and your dog to have the best experience possible.

Discuss it with your family

Bringing home a puppy that is going to be your new family member is exciting, but it is crucial to agree with your whole family on this matter. All of you need to be prepared and willing to take care of the dog since it is not really a small commitment. You should all discuss who is going to be the primary caretaker, just like some other issues. Some rules have to be established even before the pup comes.

Plan the trip home well

When it is time to go and pick up your new beloved pet, it would be great if you had a helper. This is a good idea both if we are talking about young puppies and older and bigger dogs. They can be scared of the trip and spending time in a car can be stressful for them if they are really young, while older ones can also get pretty nervous because they are facing something new, a change. Another person can drive as you are sitting next to your dog, petting them to calm them down.

Organization is the key

Prepare your house for the arrival of the puppy. You might end up with a little chewer, so be sure to put away the things you find the most valuable. Also, cover furniture you do not want to be chewed. If you don’t want something to be broken or ruined, find a place for it where no harm can be done.

Make sure you have all you need

Even before the puppy comes, you should buy the things that you will need. First of all, a crate is a must-have item. Food and water bowls are of extreme importance, just like some treats for the training. Your puppy will be so happy to have them. When it comes to food, do not change it too much compared to what the pup ate before. A sudden diet switch can result in the puppy having a stomachache. You will also need a collar, a leash, a bed, chew toys, etc. You can order some cool dog supplies online, for today, there are so many awesome sites offering these products.

Let’s arrange for the home care

How about taking a few days or even a week off work to focus on this? It would be ideal. Your puppy needs to settle in and start their training to learn some manners. Training will be easier if the two of you bond, and that is why some time off is recommended. You will also need to find some good dog walkers and dog daycare.

Set up a routine

This is something both you and the pup could really enjoy. It really helps with the house training and makes your cutie feel safe. You should think of schedules, for example, what the best time is for a walk, meals, breaks, etc. Once you establish how things are going to develop, try sticking to it without changing a thing.

Having a dog is a huge responsibility, just like preparing everything for their arrival is. You should think of these steps in order to make everything go well and, needless to say, you should think in advance. Only in that case will both you and the puppy enjoy everything to the fullest.

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