6 Decisive Things to Consider When Planning A DIY Move!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Your best friend shared her last house moving story that happened recently and you are surprised to know about the numerous moving expenses she undertook, that too for a short-distance move. So, finally, you decided you won’t hire professionals for the assignment but opt for a DIY move. Well, that’s entirely your call. But have you heard of Agarwal Packers – India’s leading packing and moving company? I am sure you have had because they are undoubtedly the topmost leaders of the logistics business and you can reach out to their experts for some quick relocation guidance.

But if you are someone who is simply not willing to hire an additional packing and moving team right before your moving date and are willing to do each and everything by yourself, because you have a generous time at hand, you can go for a DIY move as well. But yes, you have to have a clear mindset, a fantastic move plan, and a realistic budget so you can confidently take up an ideal blueprint for your move.

Here are some DIY packing tips that would surely be of much help to you, at this hour when you are indulging in this often-dreaded adventure all alone. Let’s begin with the tips:

There is nothing called tomorrow

The reason why even the well-planned DIY moves fail is because of our attitude. We keep assuming that everything will be fine and we shall be able to pull off our move with the assistance of our family members and friends. As we do not hire moving professionals, there is not much clarity on the picture and we end up losing track of our move progress and that is when the good proceeding move fails drastically. So, start today and attend to all your pre-move duties seriously – apply for an address change, notify essential authorities, prepare for the moving day, etc.

Be organized and evaluate stuff

Along with emphasizing the present day and proceeding with the preparations, you should keep in mind two things – you have to attend most of your pre-moving duties as per your determined time. Then start with packing the stuff you will not need in the coming days – clothes that will not need; electronic items you won’t use shortly, decorative items, specialty items from the kitchen, gift items, etc. should be packed first. While doing this, you will also come across items that would be useless – from broken toys to outdated gadgets, worn-out clothes to expired toiletries – prepare these for disposal.

Think through your packing process

The internet is the go-to place, as usual, to discover the best, time-consuming packing techniques that you can incorporate into your packing routine. You can also seek help from online tutorials shared by relocation companies and moving websites. Keep thinking about your packing protocol and come up with a plan. Without a rock-solid strategy, you cannot work out your packing job. Have someone with you when you are brainstorming and evaluating stuff. Opt for nesting method to save space, cushion using your old, linen materials from your household only, and just check storage options you have at your place – from suitcases to backpacks to laundry bags, etc. If you have appointed the professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers, they would have helped you with the best packing and moving support but since you have picked up a DIY move, you should pay attention to these techniques a bit more seriously!

Prioritize safety in every step

If you have never packed for a move before or simply do not have much idea about how goods are prepared for long journeys, it is better to research the internet, ask experts, or discuss with friends who have recently moved or are simply aware enough about all these things. A few essential things you can take note of to ensure maximum wellbeing of your goods include – placing heavier items at the bottom of the boxes, followed by lighter ones, packing toiletries and other risky items separately in transparent bags, and using items like bed-sheets, bed-cover, towels, table-covers, t-shirts, etc. to diligently wrap fragile items.

Renting moving containers

Moving containers or cubes are great when you have either a lot of stuff to move or exceptionally less stuff that you cannot get a full truck. Besides, these containers ensure the best protection for your belongings. So if you think you want to cut out the hassle of booking an open truck that neither assures the safety of your belongings nor saves you money, you can opt for these portable cubes. You can do the entire packing tasks yourself and even load and pack your cube yourself because once you book these cubes; you are delivered the container at your doorstep a few days before the moving day. And the best part is you can securely move your extraordinary, expensive items in these cubes without worrying about them a bit.

Safely pack electronics and confidential items

A household comprises a range of possessions and one of the riskiest and complicated items out of the lot includes our electronic items. Be it our flat screen smart TV, laptop, home theatre, refrigerator, kitchen chimney, aquarium, air conditioner, etc. – all of these items are not just big but demand special kind of handling and packing to arrive at the destination safely and securely. So, we would advise you not to rush into the process when you are doing it. Schedule your days when you will solely work on the electronic items in your place. Before commencing with their packing task, just check the best packing techniques to be employed when dealing with electronic stuff and have all the required packing essentials with you in advance. Similarly, your office documents, house papers, family members’ proofs, and papers also demand special care, so keep them maintained in handy folders and carry them with you.

In doing all of this, do not forget to take care of yourself and your family members. Since you did it all yourself, without professional aid, things would have been a bit tough. But as they say, ‘All’s well that ends well, so do not forget to check out the above-mentioned tips if you’re not willing to hire the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers.

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