5 Winter Tips for Landlords Letting out to Tenants in Weybridge

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Winter can be a season that is harsh, or one that can be great provided a home is fully-equipped with the best essentials. The truth is that landlords can avoid major expensive repairs during winter months, if they are able to conduct routine checks in the maintenance of their property. In London, it is nothing new but about half of the private landlords ignore the fact of maintaining their property before winter sets in. In the end, according to experienced letting agents in Weybridge, Surrey, this only leads to escalated problems, including unhappy tenants, expensive repairs, and lower number of tenants willing to move into the property.

1.    Poorly Maintained Properties Attract Low Number of Tenants

Based on several researches conducted by estate agents, about 50% of people do not look forward to rent a property in winter, owing to the fact that most landlords ignore to fully update their homes with winter essentials. Man worry whether the property they plan to rent will be able to cope with the harsh temperatures, unexpected rains, possible snowfall, strong winds, and every other factor that the coldest season has in store.

For this reason, if you are one of the growing numbers of private landlords in London, it is necessary that you fit your property in the best condition and set it up for prospective tenants this winter. This is an important factor, which will ensure that the property not only withstands to the elements, but in return offers potential tenants with a comfortable and liveable accommodation.

As you read on below, you will learn about five tips that you need to know to ensure your house remains in the spotlight among prospective tenants, even in winter.

2.    Check the Insulation

Over time, it is common that wild animals including mice, squirrels, rats, and birds displace insulation in the roofs of houses from time to time, because of their body weight. Investigate the insulation, and make sure that you act decisively. This important in cold weather, and it should help your tenants to use less heating and allow them to save more money.

Take your time to inspect the loft insulation, as it is best that remains up to current standards, depending on the location, there may be grants to upgrade it. Rentals ready should provide current information on the changing legislation for the landlords to ensure they meet all legal requirements.

Before letting your property or asking estate agents like those at Yooodle to market your property, consider cavity wall insulation, secondary glazing, or and lagging in the pipes. The best way to reduce draughts and make the conditions more liveable for the people in the property, it is best to check the window frames, and the door. If necessary, apply some sealant to fill in gaps. All these should help to protect your property and ensure that your environment is sound, and let your tenants save more on their monthly heating bills.

3.    Tackle Flooding Risks

Statistics also show that 1 out 10 people worry about winter season flooding, because their pipes could flood, putting landlords under the pressure that floods could affect their property. Burst pipes can lead to serious damage, and cause flooding, and one needs to worry less about this problem in winter. You need to make sure that you do not allow the pipes to freeze, make sure you insulate the exterior pipes with sleeves, which should help to prevent this problem.

4.    Fix Alarms

Just keep in mind that every habitable property needs to have well, and proper functioning alarms. Before you put up your property for rent, make sure that you fix the smoke alarms, and every room should have fire alarms. While you test the alarms, you should also check the burglar alarm to be sure it is working, which should serve as a reassurance for tenants on dark nights.

5.    Make Sure the Gutters are clear

Gutters across the UK inevitably clog up with autumn leaves, speckled alders and other components. This may cause the water to freeze and back up when the temperatures run into minus. In case this happens, it will result to overflowing of water, or breakages to the external pipes. One of the best ways to combat this problem is by trying to clear the gutters, even before frost gets the chance to destroy or affect the area.

Undeniably, winter can turn out to be the most worrying time for a landlord, and all you can do is to trust your tenants to keep you well-informed about the maintenance of the property. Keep in mind that anything you ask your tenant, as long as it is something fair, you need to include it in the tenancy agreement in the event of a dispute regarding the deposit.

Letting out your property should not be a problem, as long as you equip yourself with these tips. The next time you prepare your property, make sure you consider these.

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