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The reason for the prevalence of fake IDs in the US (and perhaps the whole world) is because of numerous websites that offer them. While all claim to provide the best fake ID, many don’t live up to their word. With such websites, the difference between a fake ID and a real one is easily identifiable.

In this article, we will look at why people purchase fake IDs and how to detect them.

The prevalence of fake IDs in the US

Nowadays, obtaining a fake ID is as simple as uploading a picture on the internet. Many websites offer these services for less than $100. You can even get more than 3 IDs at discounted rates. It has led to an increase in the prevalence of fake IDs and the businesses associated with it.

In addition to this, many youngsters are going through a rebellious stage. They want to live their life on their terms and take part in activities that make them feel like adults. Such activities include underage driving, underage drinking, etc. 

In the US, the age for drinking and purchasing alcohol is 21. While in other parts of the world, such as the UK, the age limit for drinking alcohol is 18. Many youngsters in the US argue that they should, too, be allowed to start drinking at a younger age. If the age limit for alcohol is at 18, it would not require the purchasing of a fake ID. However, that is another topic for another day.

Why do people use fake IDs?

The practice of obtaining fake IDs is quite common in high-school and college students. For many college students, university life offers a whole new adventure. Partying and clubbing is part of the experience of becoming an adult. Alcohol and liquor consumption is quite common in such scenarios. Hence, as a result, students feel the need for a fake ID. Even people with celebrity clout have obtained fake IDs at some point in time in the past for underage drinking.

The punishment for the possession of fake ID is community service, fines (for up to $1000), or one year in jail. For a teenager or a student, the possession of a fake ID is relatively harmless, as long as they are careful in their drinking habits. However, for people who use fake IDs for identity theft, the offense is greater. People involved in identity theft use personal information for opening Bank Accounts. In such a case, the possession of fake ID is dangerous and can lead to fraudsters stealing what is yours.

How to detect a fake ID?

To distinguish a fake ID from a real one, there are a few subtle differences that may be hard to notice. Nowadays, fake IDs are becoming better, which makes it harder for one to distinguish it from a real one. Many fake ID providers boast about paying attention to detail, such as UV light images, perforations, holograms, and other features unique to an ID card of a state.

To detect a fake ID, here are a few things that you should pay attention to:

The material of the ID card

A fake ID will have a flimsy material. Moreover, the feel of the fake ID will be different from that of a real ID. The fake one will be different in thickness and weight. In addition to this, the edges of the fake ID card may be different from an original one. In some cases, the edge of a fake ID card will peel with a fingernail. Also, real ID cards have perforations and other bumps on it. A fake ID may not have such details.

The picture on the ID card

The picture on the fake ID card may not be the same as that of the supposed owner. Hence, look carefully at the picture on the ID. Even if the picture on the card resembles the owner, pay attention to the quality of the image. A fake ID may not have a high-quality picture; it may be pixelated.

Images taken for a fake ID are different from those taken for original IDs. For one, the light source is not the same as in a studio. In a fake ID, there may be a flash on the image, making it stand out from the original.

Personal information on the card

If you suspect that the person is holding a fake ID, question the person about the personal information, such as date of birth, Father’s name, expiration date, and other information.

Features of the ID card

Original ID cards have security features, including shine, holograms, and magnetic strips. A fake ID may lack these features. Also, UV detectors can help distinguish a real ID from a fake.


Students and teenagers have been using fake IDs as they did in the past. There is no way that the market for fake IDs will decrease in the future, even as law enforcement agencies try their best to crack down on the people in this business. Hence, there is a need for change in policy.

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