5 Ways you can be Productive at Your Co-Working Space

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To co-work is to collaborate and collaboration can bring out the best in people that one of the reasons why more and more people nowadays are opting for co-working spaces. The need of the day is to set co-working spaces in every community and in every country so that there can be more breakthrough in different fields which is great for world’s development.

Although most people talk about great productivity in a co-working space, sometimes a shared office space can become too happening as most of the hubs focus on maintaining a balance between work and relaxation and maybe you want to just concentrate on your work while others are having fun and participating in social activities. In regard to that, here are 5 ways you can be productive in a workspace.

Get familiar with your co-workers- In the Studies held in the year 2000, it was found out that an average person cannot concentrate for a longer period than 50 minutes and the productivity decrease if there is zero to no break. So it is essential for the person to rejuvenate and take a break. One of the best ways to do this is getting to know your fellow co-workers and maybe you find out some similar interest, and you can talk about those interest and reduce your stress significantly.


Organize your things – Distractions comes in all shapes and forms, sometimes not organizing your things can break your concentration and you can get distracted towards other things, hence it is very important to organize things accordingly. Main things here is to organize the files on your desktop, if you make a lot of excel files, word files, Photoshop files, etc. then your desktop can get pretty messed up, so it is advisable to maintain separate folders as soon as you create new files. Same thing goes for your work desk.

Get familiar with your workspace- The idea is to get as comfortable as you can get at your workspace, only when you can get fully comfortable at your workspace then you can do things without giving it a second thought and without wasting your time. Knowing your space would also give you the opportunity about the resources available at the workstation, and that can boost your productivity as well as your creativity by a mile.


Become a part of the community- Being in a co-working space and not being a part of the community just means you are wasting your time because you can even get your work done at your home or a coffee shop. The whole idea of a co-working space is to be part of something bigger. Getting to know the community will acknowledge you about the type of people who work here and maybe you can even find someone who does the same work as you do and you can exchange ideas and even help each other out.


Make your space your own- The feeling of your own personal desk is something else. So, when you have the opportunity, take full advantage of it like you can keep a photo frame with your pet or parents, etc. You can keep any table ornaments, you can keep a watch, so you don’t have to switch on your every 10 minutes and then get distracted by messages and snaps.


Conclusion- Maintain a balance in your workload and the break time and get comfortable with your community. Own the place, but in a polite manner and enjoy your work.  

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