5 Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

by Dustin Fernandez ASAP Locksmith

If you are like me, then you are no stranger to getting locked out of your house. It happens to the best of us at some time or another. We all lead busy lives and forget our keys on occasion. I know many times I have walked out and locked my door only to realize I left my keys inside. While it is good that we automatically remember to secure our homes, it can be very frustrating when we cannot get in due to a moment of forgetfulness.

In this article, we will talk about some ways to prevent this from happening to you in the future. Three of these ways deal with spare key access, and two deal with eliminating the source of the problem.

Spare Keys

It goes without saying that having a spare key available if you lock yourself out is a brilliant idea. However, how you house your spare key is also essential. You don’t want it to be so easy to find that it compromises the security of your home, but you also don’t want it to be too difficult for you to access. When deciding where to keep your spare keys, your three safest options are in your car, in an accessible lockbox, and with a trusted friend.

Your Car

Keeping a spare key in your car can be a great solution to being locked out. The opposite is also true when pertaining to your house key. If you keep an extra key for your car in your house and a spare key for your house in your vehicle, then you are doubly insured to get in if you forget your key.

This, of course, is as long as you have access to one or the other. However, do understand that you need to take great care in hiding your key in your car with this method. You do not want someone to steal your car and have access to your home due to your spare key.

Accessible Lockbox

Another option for storing your spare key is in an accessible lockbox. You will want to make sure the lockbox is well hidden but accessible to the people in your family. In that same vein, you need to make sure everyone who needs it knows the combination to get inside the lockbox. This is a much better option than hiding your key under the mat or in a flowerpot. These are the first places an intruder will look when trying to find the best way to break in. Even if the intruder finds it, they will not know the code to gain access with a lockbox.

Trusted Friend

Leaving your spare key with a trusted friend is by far the most secure option. This option also helps if someone needs to access your home when you either aren’t there or you are incapacitated. Make sure to choose a friend who you have known a long time and that you trust. You don’t want to give someone who is untrustworthy unfettered access to your home. Also, keep in mind while this is the most secure option, it is not always the most convenient.

If you are locked out while your friends are out of town or late at night, you may be without access to the key you safeguarded.

Keyless Solutions

The last two tips to prevent getting locked out of your house have to do with eliminating the potential of being put in this situation. You can make changes to your locks and doorknob that will stop you from inadvertently locking yourself out. These options are either to change your locks to smart electronic locks or change your doorknob to a keyless doorknob.

Smart Electronic Locks

One way you can prevent yourself from walking out without your keys is to eliminate the need for keys. With a smart electronic lock, you don’t use a key to unlock your home. Instead, you use one of many other methods of identifying yourself to prove that you are the homeowner of the smart lock. These methods include, but are not limited to, key codes, fingerprint matching, and other high-security measures.

This prevention, admittedly, comes with a higher price tag, but if you are finding yourself in lockout situations frequently, it may be well worth the investment. Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these locks are battery-powered, so the batteries can and will die. Be sure to do a regular check and change your batteries as soon as they are low to prevent a lockout situation.

Keyless Doorknobs

This is one of the simplest ways to prevent being locked out because it is physically impossible to lock yourself out if you make this change. A keyless doorknob will cause you to lock your door with a key when you leave physically. There isn’t a button to push or dial to turn that will lock it. While this may take a little more time out of your day, it may be worth it if you want an affordable way to stop locking yourself out of your home.

Your home will still be secure due to your deadbolt, which is the main defense against intruders. We hope this article has proven helpful to you, and if we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ASAP Locksmith. We are here to help!

This article written by Dustin Fernandez, the owner of ASAP Locksmith company from Dallas Texas

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