5 Ways to Prevent Cavities for the Little Ones

by Katie Gorden Internet Writer

Incidences of dental cavities have increased in recent years despite efforts to deal with the menace. A lack of adequate health hygiene causes the accumulation of food particles and sugars in teeth. When left unattended, bacteria present in food particles and sugars react with saliva producing an acidic solution. The acidic medium causes enamel erosion, resulting in the development of small cavities in teeth. If left unchecked, cavities widen and reach the dentin, where your children will begin experiencing pain and increased sensitivity to hot or cold substances. You should maintain proper dental hygiene to eliminate such incidences. It's important to implement the following are tips to protect your child from cavities.

1. Tooth Brushing

It would help if you created a routine for your children to brush their teeth every day. Brushing teeth eliminates bacteria, food particles, and sugars that can react with saliva to cause a cavity. Tooth brushing should start after six months since the birth of a child. Before the first tooth comes out, you should use a moist baby cloth to wipe your child's jaws. At the age of two, you should use a soft brush with rice-like toothpaste to brush your child's teeth. It is would also help if you guide the child not to swallow the toothpaste. You should increase the amount of toothpaste as the child gets of age. By developing a mouth brushing schedule for your children, you can eliminate cavity incidences among young people.

2. Reduce Sugar and Acidic drinks Intake

You should reduce the number of sugars that your children consume throughout the day. By reducing the amount of sugary and acidic drinks, you lessen the volume of sugars present in the mount. The move reduces the chances of bacteria, particles, and saliva reacting to generate an acidic medium that initiates the destruction of caramel, causing tooth decay. Isortho orthodontics advises that when serving high sugar drinks such as juice, you should have a designed cup to control the amount that a child can ingest daily. Children should also drink water after consuming high sugar drinks to dissolve sugar present in the mouth and reduce bacteria effects.

3. Dental Checkup

You can prevent cavities in your children by making a scheduled visit to Isortho orthodontics. The health professionals will conduct an oral health checkup on your child. Based on the physician's observation, they may undertake to clean your child's teeth. Besides, the professionals will guide you on flossing your children's teeth to supplement cleaning efforts achieved through brushing. Additionally, the facility uses a 3D camera to diagnose teeth misalignment and poor mouth posture. The checkups allow professionals to correct the problem early enough. The high quality of dental checkup services makes Isortho the best orthodontist in NYC.

4. Dental Sealants

Dental cavities cause discomfort and are painful, especially when they develop and start causing discomfort and pain. When children develop their permanent teeth, and the hole develops without your knowledge, a visit to Isortho orthodontics would help. If the doctors establish that the cavity has already extended beyond a specific level, they can treat your child's cavities by undertaking tooth sealing. The process involves washing the affected tooth, covering it with a plastic resin, and hardening it. The resin replaces the eroded enamel and forms a barrier that prevents acidic medium contact with the treated tooth, relieving your child the discomfort and pain.

5. Oral Health Education

You can prevent cavities from developing in your children by educating them. Oral health education makes the children aware of the benefits of maintaining a clean mouth and the dangers that could arise if you don't observe oral health. Through education, you can modify a child's behavior to align with recommended oral hygiene practices. Besides, education makes children knowledgeable of the food with high sugar content, allowing them to consume controlled volume. Moreover, education will enable children to drink water after taking sugary products and use fluoride toothpaste to remove particles and prevent bacteria growth. Lastly, children gain information on where to seek help if they experience a cavity problem.

It's the responsibility of every parent to prevent cavities occurrence among their children. The statistic shows that about fifty percent of children experience cavities when young or during teenage years. As a parent, you can observe the above five tips to maintain proper oral health in children and reverse the high incidences of cavity cases. The move will allow you to eliminate the discomfort and pain that children encounter when they develop tooth cavities.

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