5 Tips to Keep Your Small Office More Organized

by S3t Koncepts Interior Design Company
Home office and small business owners might think that cleaning isn’t a big task. In work-spaces, eliminating the dirt and rough papers is not enough; you should follow the dos and don’t of interiors to create a positive working environment. 

Here are some tips from the fit out solutions in Dubai for organizing your small-sized office -

1.Zoning - The simplest way to stay organized at work is by creating separate zones. Your mind starts associating different areas to particular tasks. It helps you to streamline the office design without spending a fortune. For starters, your office can be divided into three zones: work, supplies and reference. If you need professional help in creating zones, reach out to fit out solutions in Dubai

The work zone consists of your workstation and the devices you need constant access to. Reference zone has the bookshelves or other furniture used for storing documents and files you need occasionally. Supply zone is the place where employees find stationery, booklets and other supplies. All three of them should be located in different corners of the room to maintain proper boundaries. Zoning has numerous benefits; tidying up is easy, you don’t have to hunt for things, increases productivity, etc.

2.No More Paper Clutter - Although most of the offices have gone digital, still some paperwork needs to be done. The employee detail forms, resumes, company’s tax returns, etc. you have mammoth bundles of papers. Once they start piling up unorderly, rearranging them can give you a headache. Have a strategy to deal with the papers. Here is the one used by fit out companies in Dubai: -

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Get yourself three baskets or boxes. Label them as archives, current and trash. In the archive box put all the documents which are of no use right now but will come handy in future(bills identifications, bank documents, etc.). The current box stores all the paper you refer from day to day. You can further categorize them using coloured containers. The third box contains the paper to be shredded.

3.Vertical Storage - When you think of an office, you visualize cupboards, cabinets and bookcases. But, for a smaller space, the scenario is completely different. Take maximum advantage of the vertical space. Open shelves are easy on the pocket. It sets up in the wink of an eye, the same goes for unwinding. Another quick option is a wall organizer. All your supplies are visible and are at the reach of your hands. It comes in a plethora of designs and colours, choose one that blends in with your interiors.

4. Maintenance - After going through a painstaking makeover, do you want your efforts to go in vain? Absolutely not! For that, you must schedule a weekly clean-up. Allocating a few minutes at the end of your day for removing the clutter. It will keep your office space in good health. Even the fit out companies in Dubai have a monthly deep cleaning process.
5. Assign Colour - Our mind responses varyingly to different colours. Using a colour code is a good method to streamline the files and folders. Retrieving a file from a section wouldn’t take you ages this way. You don’t have to read the name on the file; at one glance you will know to which category a file belongs. For example, an accounting firm can use blue for financial statements, yellow for other client documents, brown for employee details and red for own tax filings.

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