5 Tips to Choose a Stunning Website Color Scheme

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

After visiting your site, the first thing that visitor observes is the colours that you have used. On the consistency and style of your site, there is a huge impact of the colour scheme picked by you.

To design a site the designer chooses a collection of shades which is known as the colour scheme of the site. Some people call them colour palettes. Primary and secondary are the 2 colour sets that come under the colour palettes. Among these 2 sets, the dominant shades are the primary shades. The shades used in the menu, logo and background are the primary shades.

Here are the 5 tips that will help you in choosing a stunning website colour scheme.  

1.Gather knowledge about the colour wheel – The colour wheel has 3 groups of shades which are:

·       Primary shade

·       Secondary shade

·       Tertiary shade

The basic shades of the wheel are yellow, blue and red which are primary shades. Purple, green and orange are the secondary shades that we get after mixing the primary shades. On mixing the secondary shade with the primary shade we get the tertiary shades and these are blue-purple, yellow-green and red-orange.

In order to decide which shade will be best for your site, you need to understand the relationships among these shades.

2.Get to know the shade combinations – It is very important for you to know how various shades are related to each other. The visitors to your site can easily understand the message that you want to convey to them if you will pick the right combination of shades on your site. For instance, stability, forthcoming loyalty and strength can be shown in one place by using a combination of red and blue shades. Loyalty and peace are shown by blue shade whereas strength and urgency are shown by red shade.

3.Understand the psychology of shades – When for triggering emotions and feelings in the visitors for a particular thing you make the use of shades then this comes under the psychology of shades. For instance, blue and green shades are perfect for representing a spa business and so using these shades in the site of this business will be a good idea. Trust and peace are shown by the blue shade whereas the green shade symbolizes healing and nature.

4.Consider click ability or actionability – If we consider the web design of top tier level then it becomes important for you to know that its very important fundamental factor is the shade palette that visually pleases the site visitors. There is a lot of value in the shades that you use on your site because these shades can convince the users who browse your site to click on the required area of your site. For instance, a visitor will be able to clearly see the background photograph, an orange button and white text if you use a black overlay. None of these 3 things will clash with one another.

5.Use a design that is responsive – To make your site look good on desktops as well as on smartphones the shade palettes play an important role. When designing your site with the use of the shade palette you need to give proper consideration to the mobile responsiveness of your site. By doing this you can ensure that on desktop and on mobile phones the visitors are clearly able to see the buttons, icons and text elements. As compared to the desktop the mobile phones need to have fewer shades because their screens are of smaller size. The use of so many shades in a smaller interface can overwhelm the visitors.

If you will follow the above-mentioned tips then your Website Design will look stunning.

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