5 Things You Must Ensure Before Repainting Your House Exteriors

by Eva Spenser Innovation

Is it high time to repaint your building exteriors? Over time, the exterior walls of your house may show signs of paint damage such as peeling paint, blisters in paint or flaky paint and you can do nothing other than opting for an immediate repainting job. Peeling paint or discolouration is not only eyesores but can wreck havoc on the structural integrity of your building if not treated on time. However, before starting off with a repainting job, there are a few things to watch out for. From pressure cleaning outdated paint, sanding to choosing the right paint colour and type, you need to consider a few things to ensure your investment is worth the effort.

Take a tour with this article and keep these pointers in mind for a successful house repainting job.

  • Take Weather Into Consideration

While planning an exterior house painting job, you always need to consider the weather in advance. Professional residential painters in Rockingham prefer undertaking painting job during Spring. Painting under excessive humid or wet weather can damage your new paint and cause moisture to penetrate the walls, thereby making your house vulnerable to leakage, cracks and mould infestation. 

  • Sand Out Flaws and Imperfections

Sanding is one of the vital prep works before undertaking an exterior house painting job. You need to identify cracks, dents, holes on surface walls and sand out the damaged area to get flawless paint finishes. Presence of tiny holes or dents in walls will prevent paint from adhering to the surface and you may confront the problem of peeling paint or chipping early than expected. Make sure your painter is well acquainted with the process and techniques of the work and prepare your surface walls before applying fresh coats of paint.

  • Check for Rotten/Decayed Wall Siding

It’s not wise to waste time in painting decayed wood or wall siding. No matter how much you splurge on buying high-quality paint, it won’t stick to the decayed wood and would further lead to significant damages. So what's the solution? All you can do is watch out the area at first. If it's a small area, you can use good quality wood hardener and a filler to repair the area. If in case a large area is decayed, the best way is to replace it as a whole. Make sure the house painters in Rockingham prep and sand out the area before applying new paint.

  • Priming is Key to a Smooth Paintwork

The general rule of thumb is to prime surface walls with a good-quality primer that would help you get smooth and even paint finish. Primer acts as a layer of protection and it cuts down the need to apply multiple coats of paint. Consult with your house painter in Pinjarra and enquire about the quality and type of primer they are going to use. Primer helps in protecting paints from cracks and leads to an even paint finish. 

  • Prioritise Quality Over Cost

Your house is a precious investment and needs special care and attention. While planning for exterior painting, it may seem tempting to buy cheaper paint materials for significant cost-reduction but the consequences you would end up with after a few years would surely burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it’s always wise to invest in quality paint materials that would not just elevate the overall outlook of your home but protect your paint from adverse climatic conditions, cracks, mould and pest infestations.

Final Words

Exterior house painting may seem overwhelming but practically, it’s time-consuming and arduous. Keeping these pointers in mind before undertaking exterior painting can help you get flawless paint finishes and long-term benefits.

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