5 Things to keep you healthy

by Michelle C. Motivational Speaker
People ask me questions like "Hey Michelle you are a mother but what you do to maintain yourself and look smart" the first thing I'm not self-promoting myself and second thing it's really easy to maintain yourself without doing anything special.

I'm a common person just like most of you and I have so many things to take care of besides working and planning my diet, People's take reference from celebrities but you have to understand it's their job to look good and they earn from their well looks.

I just followed 5 steps and stick to them like a honey on its nest.

1) Schedule your Sleep:

  One thing which I consider really important is sleeping on proper time and taking at least 6 hours of sleep. Sleeping not only relaxes you but it gives numerous power which enables you to look fresh and healthy.  If you have proper sleeping time then your brain also predict the time you get proper sleep at that time. If you have improper sleeping time then your brain will act abnormally and disturb the inner functionality.

2) Take dinner 4 hours before going to bed:

   It's a well saying that if you need to walk on stones barefooted then do walk but go to bed after eating food. It just not good for your health. You need to digest the food before going to sleep.

3) Don't take long hours gap in meals:

  If you think that you keep starving and then take food twice a day and it will help you in reducing weight then you are absolutely wrong. Starving is not good when you keep your stomach empty and then take food after a long time has 2 effects.
i) Your body will pass more sugar level to your brain.
ii) You might end up eating more.
both these results are no good.
The proper way is to divide your deal into 5 or 6 parts.

4) Eating green vegetables.
I believe this heading is enough for the description. No one can deny the power of vegetables If you don't consider vegetables for diet fine but consider them for good skin and fresh health.

5) make your body do little workouts:

It's not easy for everyone to go to the gym and do a workout like aerobics, yoga etc. If you can do or do that's great but if you can't then do household works, try to go to near store through the walk, not through your car. I myself try to do more of household work and go to store through the walk as it keeps my body active and help to digest food throughout the day.

These all steps are relatively easy and anyone can bring these to practice anytime they want. I can see you looking perfect :)

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