5 Symptoms That Suggest You Need a Root Canal

by Ziva Dental The Best Dental Clinic in San Antonio, TX
When people hear the phrase ‘root canal’, most often they picture emergency root canal treatment. While emergency root canal procedures are performed, there are some warning signs that might indicate that you need to see a root canal specialist in San Antonio. Root canals are not always performed in emergencies or when the patient is in chronic pain due to infection. The symptoms progress slowly and if you are diagnosed early on, you might have to go through less pain and your oral health could be restored better. Here are some warning signs that indicate that you might need a root canal.

1. Sudden Pain

If a tooth of yours started causing you trouble in the form of sudden pain completely out of the blue, then this might be an important warning sign. A root canal is required when a tooth is decayed to an extent that the nerve inside the decayed tooth is exposed. Even a little exposure could cause severe pain and the sensation of pain might change as you change positions like bending, sleeping, sitting, etc. If you are experiencing spontaneous pain, it is time to see an endodontist immediately.

2. Gum Swelling

If you see a tender, slightly raised pimple or spot on the gum, you may be experiencing mild gum swelling which indicates tooth infection. If you notice a pus-filled pimple or swelling on your gum, then it is a sign of tooth infection too. Such boils/pimples may eventually decrease in size but do not give yourself a sense of security without getting it assessed by a dentist in San Antonio

3. Teeth Darkening

If one or more of your teeth become dark, then it can be a sign of teeth infection or/and nerve damage within that tooth. Typically, the infected tooth will turn dark greyish. Hence, if you see teeth darkening, it is a symptom that requires professional intervention. Pay a visit to your general dentist in San Antonio at the earliest.

4. Gum Discomfort 

An infected tooth will cause some kind of discomfort in the gum tissue. However, the discomfort could take different forms like a painless bump or inflammation or a knot or a pimple. This means you will experience some form of gum inflammation which comes out in one of these forms which might cause you discomfort and inconvenience. 

5. Painful Bite/Chewing

This is another important symptom that is mostly mistaken for something less severe. When patients feel discomfort while eating/chewing or temperature sensitivity while consuming hot/cold food items, it is a good reason to consult your dentist. 

Modern Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment has a reputation of being a painful and uncomfortable procedure. However, modern root canal procedure has dramatically changed this perception. Today only 17 percent of the people who have had root canals described it as a painful procedure. At Ziva Dental, our endodontist ensures that our patients have a pleasant experience during the procedure. Our team is committed to reducing your anxiety before and during the procedure. We leverage the best technology and technique, to provide the best level of care to our patients.

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