5 Spices to Add Flavours to your Everyday Food

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment
Spices are a great food enhancer that adds the extra flavours in your everyday cooking. Whether it’s a curry or a lentil soup or just a chicken dish, spices never fail to add that taste to your food. There are more than 100 spices in the world that are used in daily cooking.
Spices not only add flavours but have a rich history and have lots of health benefits as well. The best spices are bought from the local market, but if you want to enjoy spices from all over the world, you can get them online as well. Stocking these super spices in your pantry will every time help you add that extra flavour to your dishes. Not every dish needs to be perfect, but these spices will make it even better. There are five spices that you must have in your kitchen no matter what.

1.Cinnamon to Lower your Blood Sugar
If you have a sweet tooth and want to watch your weight, switch to cinnamon. It is found from the bark of the cinnamon tree and is used from pumpkin spiced latte to cakes and muffins. Its unique properties of lowering your blood sugar help to keep your diabetes in control. It is not a replacement for your diabetes medication but is a natural sweetener to spice up your food. You can even sprinkle in your protein shakes, yoghurt and cereals.

2.Chipotle for Digestion
Did you know that Chipotle peppers are just another jalapenos? They are smoke-dried to remove the water content and then used in dishes to spice up the taste. You can get chipotle in Australia and order it online to enhance your flavours. Chipotle originally comes from Mexico and has quite a number of health benefits. This humble spice is rich in fibre and thus helps to aid digestion. Chipotle helps in the smooth transition of food through the stomach and helps secrete bile and other digestive juices.

3.Curry Leaves to Fight Anaemia
Curry leaves have a unique citric-like aroma and are widely used in every Indian kitchen. These aromatic leaves hail from Ayurveda in ancient India and have many health benefits as well. When you buy curry leaves, you are investing in your health. Curry leaves have folic acid and iron that helps to fight anaemia. If you are weak and unable to absorb iron in your body, add a leaf or two of curry leaves in your food every day.

4.Turmeric for its Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Turmeric is a common spice in Indian households and is a superfood as well. It is used in curries and also drank as Turmeric Latte all over the world. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight diseases and illness. This humble yellow spice is also known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and heals wounds quickly.

Whether you love to cook or not, adding these spices in your food is a must. If you cook for your elderly parents at home, stock up these spices and use them every day.

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