5 Simple Pocket Square Fold Up To Master

by Reshma N. Marketing Consultant
Here are 5 simple Pocket squares that you may make for formal attire:
Fold into a square
Among the most delicate methods to decorate a pocket square is with the presidential or classical fold, also referred to as the presidential or classical fold. This folding is particularly fit for a soft cotton pocket square that will retain a crease smoothly and is perfectly suited for more respectful, conventional events where the formal process would be followed.

•    Flip one side of your pocket square in halves.
•    On the other end, fold your folding in halves once more.
•    Calculate the breadth of your pocket, then tuck the two edges vertically to accommodate.
•    Fold the pocket square again horizontally and flatten this out until you have a clean, neat rectangle.
•    It should only peep out from your pocket, adding a subtle touch to your appearance.
•    Assemble your fold so that the tip of it matches the slope of your pocket.

Fold with a single point
The one-point folding shows a triangular form peeping out from your pocket and is a wonderfully typical technique to understand pocket squares. This folding stands out more than the traditional square fold and is suitable for most pocket square ensembles. It is best to use silk that is of greater quality.

•    Horizontally flip your pocket square in halves.
•    Vertically, bend it in halves.
•    In a hexagon form, rotate your pocket square so that a tip is pointing you.
•    It should be folded lengthwise.
•    Cover the borders of the pocket square by flipping it over.
•    Pinch the edges of the folded pocket square's longest side until it mimics an extended envelope.
•    Turn it over and stuff it in your pocket, the triangular edge sticking out.

Fold with two points
The two-point fold is a modification on the one-point fold, with two points visible from your pocket. Whenever it relates to your preferred design, this folding can manage vibrancy and much more complexity, and it combines well with silk sequence cubes. Ginghams, plaids, and paisleys pattern menswear immediately spring to mind.

•    Horizontally flip the pocket square in halves.
•    Vertically flip the pocket square in halves.
•    Position the pocket square in such a way that it resembles a diamond.
•    The lower corner should be folded up on the left side of the upper corner.
•    Pull the left-hand corner of the cloth toward the centre.
•    Customize the breadth to fit your pocket.

Fold in three points
This is one of the most difficult foldings to master, and it is best done when you are more at ease with pocket squares. This technique, also referred to as the Crown Fold, combines well with both simple silks and richly coloured designs, creating depth to your professional ensembles.

•    Make a hexagon with the pocket square.
•    Create a pyramid by folding vertically.
•    From the right and left, bend the lowest third overall.
•    Overturn the pocket square.
•    Each edge of the pocket square should be folded in halves facing the centre.
•    Tuck the lowest tip of the triangle into the centre.

Folding a Puff
The puff fold is quite simple, relying on a more classic, discreet presentation of your pocket square. This fold fits well with bigger silk pocket squares so it does not get lost in the pocket.

•    Locate the pocket square's centre.
•    Using your fingers, create a ring.
•    Put the pocket square's centre over the ring.
•    Grasp the pocket square and pull it all through.
•    Wrap the cloth back on itself.
•    Slide the pocket square's centre inside.
•    Tuck the excess fabric behind all this.

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