5 Signs That You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

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A decaying tooth can become a severe dental problem if left untreated for a long time. A decayed tooth mostly needed to be extracted by the dentists in Somerset NJ which is a painful procedure. However, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) can be the best solution to treat a decaying tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is needed when a tooth’s pulp tissues become inflamed or infected. The main purpose of this treatment is to repair and save a decaying tooth. During CTC, dentists remove the nerve and pulp and following that they clean and seal the interior part of the tooth. A root canal helps to treat the diseased tissues and preserves the remaining tooth.

This type of treatment can be done by a general dentist or a specialized endodontist. Normally, all the dentists receive some formal training to perform root canals and with experience and clinical practice, they become proficient in completing the procedure successfully.

5 Signs You Need A RCT

Millions of cases related to tooth-decay occur every year in the US. A deteriorated tooth can develop infections that progress faster and affect other parts of your body. You need early professional dental care Somerset to save your tooth from complete removal. Here are the five signs that you may need a root canal:

1. Severe pain - Whenever you feel a toothache, which is not a definitive indicator that you require extraction or you need to undergo a root canal. It sometimes depends on the intensity of pain. When the pain becomes unbearable enough to prevent you from eating or drinking, then you should see your dentist as soon as possible for professional dental care. He will check whether or not there is any cavity buildup that has caused the inflammation or infection in the tooth's blood vessels, pulp, and nerves.

2. Swelling – Swelling around the face is probably the most apparent indication that you may need an RCT. Sometimes you notice swelling due to damaged teeth that can be restored with the help of orthodontics Somerset NJ.

3. Gum boils - Also known as oral fistula, gum boils are a pimple-like lesion in the gum tissues, which becomes a drain for accumulated pus. The size of these gum boils may increase or decrease depending on the type of dental care a patient opts for. You are most likely to experience a bad taste because gum boils act as a drain for pus.

4. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods – When you start feeling persistent pain while drinking beverages or eating hot and cold foods, this may be a red flag.

5. Problems with biting and chewing - If you are experiencing constant discomfort and pain when biting or chewing your food, and also seeing signs of swelling in the region then you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately. You can see orthodontics specialists for the treatment of misaligned teeth or jaw.

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