5 Reasons Why Pre-rolled Cones Are Better Than Processed Concentrates

by Ranny Watson Blogger

As the policies regarding cannabis business becoming more liberal, a lot of innovations are coming to existence. In the recent few decades, we have seen a spectacular evolution in recreational and medical cannabis products. Essential oils, isolates, vaping concentrates and edibles are some common examples of newly introduced cannabis products. However, the feel of smoking a herb joint is still distinctive from everything else. It’s ok to consume lab-processed isolates and concentrates for wellness purpose. Also, THC concentrates give you a hard-hitting experience but the centuries-old trend of rolling joints will remain evergreen. For your convenience, raw pre-rolled cones are also available in the market. Here we are going to explain some reasons why joints are better options 

pre-rolled joints

Significant Reasons to Prefer Rolled Joints 

  1. Countless options in choosing your stuff 

When it comes to the varieties,  nothing can beat the options available in dry herbs. In the categories of Sativa, Indica and Hybrids, you can have more than 400 options of pre-rolled cones. If you visit a marijuana dispensary, they will show you strains of all potency levels from beginners to pros. Not only the options in potency but joint rolls have also options of day time and night time consumption. Some of them keep you active and talkative whereas others are highly sedative.  

  1. Natural flavours 

Cannabis products like vaping concentrates and edibles come in different flavours. They are tempting but manufactured with chemicals that may not be good for your health. On the other hand,  pre-rolled joints contain natural herb strains. While smoking, you will get hints of natural aromas like strawberry, banana, blueberries etc because of the presence of terpenes. Although rolling papers are also available in some flavours if you wish to buy, but natural aromas are much better. 

  1. Less risk of adulteration 

While buying an intoxicant product, there will always be some risk of adulteration of cheap sedatives. Some sellers mix synthetic sedative substances in hash or wax in order to increase the potency. The probability of such adulteration in herb strains is low. Although some strains are dipped or sprayed with THC concentrates, but they are safe to consume.

  1. Inexpensive 

You can manually roll a joint or buy pre-rolled joint packs in Canada. It just takes a paper and a roach filter to prepare the joint. If you don’t have practice or rolling, the options of pre-rolled joints are also available. On the other hand, vaping juices need a good quality vaporizer that costs between $200 to $500. In the pre-rolled section, you will also get multiple options for flavoured papers. 

  1. Instant hitting 

Joint hits instantly as you inhale the smoke. The cannabinoids we smoke go through the bloodstream to our brain take our mind to euphoria. On the other hand, edibles take more than 20 minutes to metabolize and reflect the hitting results. 

Some people may argue that vaporizers are safer to consume as they don’t contain tar. However, some toxins are present in every cannabis variant whether you smoke, vape or eat. Also, vaporizers are the initial foundation stones to develop the habit of smoking. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to prefer joints free from tobacco or any other intoxicant because isolate marijuana is the least addictive substance. You will only get addicted because of other substances that they mix to increase the potency.

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