5 Reasons Why Facebook Business Advertising Rocks

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
Facebook is popularly known as the social media platform giant with one of the largest number of users worldwide.  Anybody who’s anybody has a Facebook account. Most of these users check their accounts more than once on a daily basis. Consequently, such an amount of users and check-ins means a wonderful opportunity for businesses. 


This is why Facebook business advertising is such an efficient marketing strategy. Aside from the Facebook’s population, it offers a lot of benefits and opportunities. Below are just some of them:

It Increases Brand Awareness

Social media is so powerful that simply having a page for your business significantly improves your online presence. Your page will be seen more compared to your physical store because it is not limited by time and space.

 It will always be there for everyone online to see. Even if your page is quite new, being noticed is not so difficult to achieve with the help of Facebook business advertising. It will instantly expose your brand to the target audience you want, you just need to have a budget, engaging content, and an optimized Facebook marketing strategy.

It Is Targeted

Facebook allows you to choose the audience for the ads you run. You can target them by age, interests, behavior, and location so you know that your ads are reaching the right people who have more potential to make a purchase. This makes things easier than displaying an ad to a general audience. Facebook finds the right people for you.

It Is Cheap

Truth be told, if you’re planning to fully depend on organic reach and activity in promoting your business, you won’t be able to go as far as you thought you would. Your posts just won’t reach the people you want as often as you would like to. 

Compared to traditional advertising, it is relatively cheaper. Take for example, posting a billboard or television ad would cost you more just to reach the same audience. The benefits you could reap from Facebook business advertising definitely outshine the possible costs you might spend. You can even set a specific budget so you won’t exceed your limit.  

It Builds Customer Engagement

Once your Facebook ads reach your target audience, they will most likely make an interaction. This may range from likes, comments, reactions, or even messages. Engagement is important for your business as it strengthens your connection with your customers. 

As they become more and more engaged, they will be more encouraged to make a purchase, thus creating conversions for you.  Improving your engagement can be done in simple ways such as simply replying to their comments and messages, or even just thanking them for their review. 

As your business’ engagement gets better, this would inevitably follow suit. If they are very pleased with your ad, they might share it on their profile and the ad will be shown to their circle of followers. Add to that the word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers and Facebook’s being a social media platform, your post can go viral without you even expecting it. 

It Is Measurable

With Facebook ads, you have access to relevant data regarding the progress of your campaign/s. You can see the number of impressions, clicks, and even conversions you are making. Through this, you will know which ads are performing better and which ones are not. 

In your future ads, you will know which areas to improve on or which strategies work best for your target audience and focus on them. Ultimately, your progress is always upwards. You are sure to save a lot of money by not randomly experimenting on different materials.


Facebook business advertising is perfect for businesses who want to create or boost their online presence faster, so if the benefits have encouraged you to start your own, it’s always important to consult an expert. Good luck on your Facebook ads journey!

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