5 Innovative Ideas to Create a Luxurious Bedroom with Decorative Laminates

by Jack John Writing

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home, and so there is a dire need for personalized attention to detail when furnishing it. If it does not reflect your class and style, home décor is incomplete. The way you decorate it showcases the way you live. Everything in it, from design to colour and style, has to be just perfect. When upgrading your bedroom, it all starts from envisioning what it would look like after remodelling. Then it comes to deciding what surfacing material, ceiling type, and furniture styles will best suit your budget and meet your expectations. If surfacing material is a selection dilemma, decorative laminate is the answer. Besides being aesthetic and easy on the pocket, these sheets are durable and easy to install, maintain, and clean. They are undeniably your go-to material for surfacing anything with the style and grace of your choice Read More Schlüsselnotdienst Ingolstadt

With laminate sheets blending the right colours, designs, and patterns, bedroom decor goes a notch higher. If you want your bedroom to leave a style statement, here are five innovative ideas.

  1. Set the tone of the bedroom

To begin with, setting the tone for the space is crucial to creating a luxurious ambiance. You cannot go further without deciding colour choices and themes. For a bold, glamorous appeal, sharp contrasts seem to be working well, regardless of the colours you mix. However, if a soothing feel is what you long for in your dream bedroom, decorative laminate sheets have countless shades, colours, patterns, and finishes to serve the purpose. Choose one colour as the base tone to avoid the cluttering of colours. Match or contrast it with its different shades making sure they complement each other. You can also use splashes of rich colours with a creative mind to make the bedroom look more elegant and extravagant.

  1. Let the wardrobe be the centre attraction

Fancying a luxurious bedroom without a trendy wardrobe in it is unfair. The more sleek and lavish it is, the more contemporary the bedroom will look. So, do not overlook this piece of furniture when improving the look of your bedroom. Choose the right colour, texture, and design of laminates for your wardrobe to make your bedroom look extra opulent. Laminate manufacturers in India offer a plethora of colour choices for wardrobe designs. For a more premium range of decorative laminates, you may visit Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India.

  1. Design your walls distinctively

High-pressure, decorative laminates are ideal solutions for designing the walls of your bedroom. You can use them to create inspiring styles and themes in the room without breaking the bank. The wall behind the bed can contrast the furniture or other three walls to create eye-catching visual effects. But, that does not mean the other walls need less attention to detail. They have to be equally aesthetic and appealing. Choose lighter shades for them to get the essence of a bedroom. If procured from a reputed laminate manufacturer in India as Royale Touche, you are likely to explore a more premium and exclusive range of decorative laminates for your bedroom walls.

  1. Play with colours and patterns

Laminate sheets offer countless colour and patterns choices, allowing you to go as creative as you can. All you have to do is be a little creative when choosing colours for your bedroom. Combine them in a way that creates a central theme. Here are a few colour themes you can try for a luxurious feel in your bedroom.

        Go grey: Grey as the base colour with modular furniture can create contemporary aesthetics. As it is one of the most versatile choices, you can blend it with any colour, from lightest to darkest and anything in between.

        White with wooden finish: Those longing for a cosy ambiance in the bedroom can opt for the timeless combination of white and wood.

        The blue bedroom: If you think that a blue bedroom is not a good fit for luxury, think again. If blended well with the right colours, it will add a royal touch to the interior design.


  1. Choose the right laminate type for each application

Laminates vary in types, thickness, properties, quality, gloss, and design. Few common types include decorative laminateshigh-pressure laminates, digital laminates, and high-gloss laminates. Before choosing any one of them, enquire about its applications and quality. To make your bedroom look chic, pay attention to what type of laminates will work well for the wardrobe, walls, doors, and articles of furniture in the bedroom. For walls, you may opt for high-pressure laminates. Impart one of the walls with a matte finish. Others can be patterned, plain, or textured, depending on the tone you want to set for the bedroom. Match its colour with the furniture, curtains, and other design elements in the room. Whereas for furniture, countless laminate designs are available to choose from.

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