5 Expectations that Teachers Have from the Parents

by Samiksha S. Author

The health of every collaboration hinges a lot on expectations. They stem at a personal level and decide the success and failure of the partnership. It is well known that for the right academic development of students, their teachers and their parents must act as a team. And here as well, expectations fly high on both sides which must be properly communicated and discussed for constructive collaboration. In this post, let us take the angle of teachers and talk about their expectations of parents. A few can be directly communicated while the rest often has to be assumed. As a parent, it is essential that you take note of all the following 5 expectations that your child’s teacher will typically have from you so that you can play the right role in this partnership and, at times, initiate a productive discussion.

  1. Active engagement in your child’s education

The teachers of the top ten play school in Gurgaon will surely convey this expectation to you at the very beginning as your engagement has a remarkable influence on your child’s education. As you understand, the teacher’s supervision ceases to exist as soon as the student leaves the school premises. But education continues at home in the form of projects and assignments. If not in the same way, a teacher expects you to continue the required supervision at home so that your child completes the lessons taught in class. At some level, your participation will help the student in a massive way.

  1. Convey your child’s shortcomings

All children are unique blends of particular strengths and weaknesses. While parents easily convey the positives about their child, many refrain from talking about the shortcomings to a teacher. Here, as parents, you need to realise that it is a teacher’s duty to plan lessons as per the student’s strengths, concurrently keeping in mind to not tap into their weakness. So, teachers need full information. They must know whether your child is skilled at recitation or has a lazy attitude. Accordingly, they will construct the lessons and provide individual attention to your child.

  1. Establish respect and authority of the teachers

No teacher will ever talk about this expectation with you and thus it falls in that unsaid category. Away from home, students need to see their teachers as authority figures and extend their deserved respect to maintain a harmonious educational ambiance. Your vigilance is required here as your child is already used to your supervision and if you establish another person as a figure of authority and respect, he/she will listen to you without question. Such a feeling cannot come spontaneously among children. Neither can it take shape if you do not acknowledge teachers as someone capable of instructing your child.

  1. Follow school and classroom rules

Any institute in the list of top 30 school in Gurgaon will have a set of rules and regulations laid out for its members who regularly come in contact with the school. If teachers are bound by their responsibility towards the institution to follow them, then you are morally bound as well to set an example for your child and show him/her that school rules are not meant to be broken. When a teacher sends you a note, you need to respond. If your signature is required at a place, you should provide it without failure. Teachers do their bit to inculcate good habits in your child. You must also be a great role model at home.

  1. Contact teachers if you feel the need to

The parents-teachers communication channel can never be a one-way street. Although teachers take the liberty of connecting with you in case the need arises, you must respond with the same enthusiasm. Teachers expect you to bring to their notice any deviation that may have skipped their attention. As parents, you should also take any academic concern to your child’s teachers first before taking any active step about it. The top school at Gurgaon will always have their entire faculty team at an accessible distance to parents. You should make use of the channel and keep your end of the line active.

The Paras World School India is upfront about a healthy collaboration between their teachers and parents and provides the space where both sides can share their expectations. Through regular parent-teacher meetings and personal sessions, the school maintains the foundation of effective communication so that the ultimate winner is always the students. You did delegate a part of your child’s responsibility to the teachers. And it is only fair that you keep in touch with their expectations so that disappointment does not grow at any step.

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