5 Different Types Of Material Handling Equipment

by Barkha Pahuja SEO/Writer

Large scale manufacturing or mass production of any product requires handling of the material in large quantities. Manual handling of these materials could take a lot of time and even drain the workers off of their energy. This is where material handling equipment come to play. These are installed in almost all types of machines today and allow quick and seamless handling of all types of materials. These are the common types of mechanical equipment that can help in the storage, control, movement, and protection of goods in an industry. In this write-up, we are going to discuss the different types of transport equipment that could be used for transporting the goods from one part of the unit to another. It could be from the dock to the storage area, between two units, or between two sections within the same unit. On the basis of the quantity of the load to be transported and the type of movement it requires, these are the common types of material handling equipment in the industry.

Redler Conveyor

Commonly used in the power, heavy, and light industries, redler conveyors are also known across the world as en-masse conveyors. It is the perfectly horizontal transport of load across the belt which makes it so popular among the people. These conveyors are also known transporting large quantities of goods over long distances without any glitch. There are many redler conveyor suppliers in India who can offer these conveyors at a reasonable price.

Bucket Elevator
A very common type of material handling equipment is the bucket elevator. This type of elevator helps in cases where the material for production or packaging or testing is to be transported vertically at a height. These are most commonly used for transporting rice and grains in bulk. As the name suggests they have buckets to carry the fluid-base material across the vertical belt.

Belt Conveyor
One of the most commonly seen type of material handling equipment is the belt conveyor. These are flat belts that are moving continuously on a flat surface. Materials that are to be transported from one area to another are placed on top of these belts and they automatically transfer them across. The endless loop makes it quicker and even minimizes the need for any type of manual interference.

Feeder Conveyor
Another popular type of conveyor or material handling equipment is the feeder conveyor. This type of conveyor is basically used in industries where there is a need to transport equal quantities of materials across. They have the facility to control the input quantity of the material and can easily make it even easier to transfer accurate amount.

Chain Conveyor
Commonly used in production units, chain conveyors are basically essential in moving different quantities of goods and materials across the production line. In these conveyors, there is a chain arrangement that moves continuously with power of a motor. They have fixed pendants on the chain that help in transferring the material part of the belt to another.

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