5 Common Work Injuries Occur In Summer

by Edra Elaine Personal injury Attorney Woodbridge

Whenever we think about the workplace an automatic image appears in mind most likely an office or a factory/construction site. There are various industries and occupations where individuals have to stay outside for a long day. But in the summer season, hot environmental conditions can make a huge impact on an individual’s physical and psychological health. The more time workers spend outdoor the more likely they are susceptible to infections and diseases. Work-related injuries also increase along with the extension of temperature. Consequently, the claims related to workers’ compensation also increases.

In this article, we will discuss five common types of work injuries occur in summer. If you were injured at the workplace, you can approach to a workers compensation attorney Woodbridge to discuss legal options.

Sunburns and skin cancer

Prolonged exposure to summer heat can cause serious problems like sunburns and skin cancer. People are usually carefree about sunlight when they are at the workplace because they thought it a part of their job. But, to be true it’s not. Long-term exposure to sun rays may lead to problems such as sunburns. However, you can prevent most of the heat-related illness by wearing clothes with a tight weave, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, etc. Contact to a personal injury attorney Woodbridge for legal help.


Prolonged exposure to any conditions – heat, cold, wind, or rain – can be troublesome for the heath as our body is unable to handle it. Unfortunately, many workers have to put their health on risk to earn bread and a lengthy period under these elements can be bad for overall health.  Heatstroke or hyperthermia can be a severe condition that occurs when you don’t have proper resources to cool down the body at high temperature. This mostly happens in warm places where you don’t have adequate shade and water to compose the body. Workers compensation law Woodbridge NJ allows victims of heatstroke at the workplace to get benefits that are entitled to them by legal means.


Workers have to spend a long period of time under the sun that sometimes exploits important liquid from the body. It is always advisable for people who work in open space to cover their body as much as possible because it saves them from losing water content from the body. If you don’t work in an air-conditioned building, you should drink adequate fresh water this summer to keep yourself hydrated. A personal injury attorney Woodbridge handles cases when employees need help for worker’s compensation after an accident.

Slip and Fall

Carrying intense weight on a stifling day can be dreadful. At warehouses and manufacturing factories, workers have to lift, roll, or carry the heavyweight that requires proper physical labor and stamina. But due to continuous heat, your body mechanism may fail to stability and a case of slip and fall may occur. If your workplace is affected by the hot weather, you should be careful. It is important to seek help from an expert of workers compensation law Woodbridge NJ whenever you had an accident.

Vehicle Accident

A vehicle accident can be deadly and may result in fatal injuries. You would never want to absent from work and lose your wages just because of an unnecessary accident. In the US, constructions workers often met with an accident when they have to drive a heavy vehicle and machinery. The best way to escape this in the summertime is to be extra careful when working close to a highway or main road. You should put sufficient safety equipment (safety cones, signs, etc.) and wear hard hats and boots.

If you were injured in the workplace and want compensation, you should hire a competent workers compensation attorney Woodbridge.

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