5 common problems an ERP software can solve

by Alex Forsyth Developer

Implementing ERP software into your business system can solve many critical issues and business challenges. Here’s an article shared by an expert Odoo consultant in Australia


Is it taking too long to reconcile your business financials by the end of every month? Are your business sales forecasts are done more by guesswork and not by the exact figures? Does your organisation often face difficulty in maintaining its orders and purchases? Do you get confused about how much inventory is in the warehouse? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, all your business needs is an ERP. 


And here’s how your ERP will solve the most common business problems, as shared by a reliable Odoo consultant in Australia


Are you still wondering whether your business system needs an ERP or not? ERP software can be the ultimate solution to all your business challenges and problems. To get an idea about the issues ERP software can tackle, take a look at these common problems handled and solved by ERP solutions. 


When your business efficiency suffers due to poor communication:

Does your business often suffer from improper collaboration and communication between the employees of different departments? When the team members fail to transfer information effectively, your business may face negative outcomes like loss of orders, decreased sales rate, customers not receiving response mails or callbacks, etc. The right ERP or an ERP consultant can help you avoid such a scenario. Odoo is one of the best software solutions that stores all data in one place and gives its access to all the employees of all departments, leading to exceeding communication and collaboration. 


Most of the business tasks involve manual data entries and are time-consuming:

With the expansion of your company, your employees will become busier. Manual data entries and manual processes can then become more prone to errors and can get more time-consuming. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software solution can give rescue by automating the tasks and reducing the chances of making mistakes, freeing up the employees from such tedious and repetitive tasks. Generating sales with more productivity, easy creation of invoices, and financial forecasts will also get automated by the ERP. 


Standalone, disparate software solutions make your business processes unnecessarily more complicated:

When your business sales management team uses one software, your accounting team uses another software, your warehouse team uses yet another one, and so on, things get more complicated and time-consuming. With ERP software, all data get stored in one single database, which can be accessed by all. This unified database and centralisation of data means easy accessibility to it whenever required, which again leads to easy and real-time decision-making. 


You don’t have much information to provide to your customers when they need:

Do you really know your customers well and what they like or dislike? Without ERP software, it may be difficult to keep a track record of your customers and their previous purchases and to cater to your customer needs accurately. Software like Odoo has a specific CRM that is Customer Relationship Management module to keep records of all communications with the customers and their transactions. Also, with all data stores in one place, it becomes easy to answer the questions of the customers and offer them great customer service. 


You are not able to get accurate information that is preventing you from making real-time decisions:

The more information you will be able to access, the more quickly you will be able to make your business decisions. With all sales figures, costs, marketing data, and customer information being entered into one system, ERP software lets you make real-time decisions. 


However, with the right and a powerful ERP solution like Odoo and with a reliable ERP consultant, you can come out of all challenges and problems with ease and can let your business enjoy an efficient and streamlined workflow with automated processes, increased productivity, reduced manual tasks, increased sales, improved manufacturing, and increased ROI. A power-packed and intuitive ERP like Odoo has millions of users from different industries because of its robust features, customisable modules, and affordable pricing. 


Alex Forsyth is a skilled and experienced Odoo consultant in Australia associated with a trusted Odoo implementation partner, Envertis Software Solutions. With years of experience working as an ERP consultant, the author has written this article about the 5 most common problems businesses often face and ERP helps to resolve them efficiently.

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