5 Common DevOps Mistakes and How to Avoid them

by Shardul Bhatt CEO, BoTree Technologies

DevOps implementation leads to 63% experience improvement in the quality of software deployment. The collaboration of the development and operations team also enables rapid code production. Instead of developing first, field-testing after, and then returning for repair, DevOps consulting streamlines the process through a strict and integrated approach to development. 

Both the development and operations departments work together as DevOps teams. Their simultaneous coordination creates a bridge that minimizes gaps in software deployment. DevOps transformation is rapidly growing as it accelerates the product development phase and leads to more intensive testing - leading to the delivery of high-quality products.

Since DevOps is still in its emerging phase, mistakes are inevitable. An inadequate understanding of the DevOps processes is a big cause of errors. 

DevOps trends and best practices in 2021 ensure that your enterprise is working to achieve efficient development. Here are the DevOps trends you should watch out for DevOps solutions in 2021.

This article will highlight 5 common mistakes that DevOps experts make and how to solve them.

5 common DevOps Mistakes and their Solutions

As a vital part of digital transformation, DevOps enables the teams to follow the best practices for software development and deployment. In this process, DevOps frameworks are highly useful. However, experts often make mistakes in the process. 

Here are the 5 common mistakes that DevOps teams make and how to avoid them - 

  1. Building the wrong team
    Probably the biggest mistake of a project manager is to build the wrong team. Generally, this starts by hiring people for building a brand new DevOps team. The important thing is to have experienced developers and operation managers in the squad. Since developers have to focus both on development and collation, it is better to involve someone from the existing team who knows the ins and outs of the DevOps processes.

  2. Obsessing with DevOps frameworks
    DevOps teams achieve 55% better collaboration and coordination in the deployment process. However, it becomes impossible if you are too obsessed with DevOps frameworks and tools. There’s no single tool that can cover all the aspects of DevOps. You might need some for agile development, version control, and more. You must be careful in selecting the tools, but it’s a good practice to let the DevOps engineers decide the tools for themselves.

  3. Inadequate planning
    One of the biggest challenges to DevOps implementation is inadequate planning. Assigning projects to developers and managers without knowing their expertise is hasty. It will only lead to poor quality of code. DevOps experts must have proper experience and certifications, so that you can evenly plan & distribute the work to each of them. Planning becomes easier once you understand what role each member is playing.

  4. Avoiding cultural change
    DevOps transformation requires a cultural change in the organization. While the earlier processes were sequential, DevOps is collaborative. Not training your team in DevOps processes will only invite resistance. Automated testing, continuous deployment, etc., might be new but critical to improving the code quality. You must train your teams to use the tools for implementing DevOps and build a culture that focuses on continuous improvement.

  5. Choosing unreliable success metrics
    Probably one of the most significant DevOps mistakes you could make is selecting the incorrect metrics for measuring success. DevOps demands metrics that align with the acceleration of the entire process. They may be subjective in nature. The development speed should not be measured against the quality of the product. You must focus on the right metrics to gauge the progress of DevOps. Then only, you can drive continuous deployment and development.

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Conclusion: DevOps Mistakes are a Part of the Process

There are only a few DevOps experts. Most of the DevOps engineers are still learning. They are hanging around the implementation stage. 

However, don’t be disheartened when you face a challenge. DevOps mistakes are a part of the process as many are still in the hit-and-trial phase. As you continue, you’ll learn from your mistakes and make better DevOps decisions. You can hire professional DevOps teams from BoTree Technologies for hassle-free collaboration of development and operations departments.

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