5 Common Causes of Computer Hard Drive Data Loss

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5 Common Causes of Computer Hard Drive Data Loss

Ever thought of how all your important files suddenly vanished from your computer system. You might not know but a computer hard drive is sensitive to damage due to its delicate built and that’s why susceptible to malfunction and failure.
Because of numerous human errors and logical failures, loss of data is obvious but it could drag you in a trouble. The damage to the hard drive renders data inaccessibility and makes it vulnerable to read/write further by the hard drive of a computer.

You are a lucky lad if you haven’t suffered any data loss catastrophes yet but beware of any mishaps. Educate yourself with these following common causes of data loss from a computer hard disk:

1. Hardware or physical damage

Have you found yourself guilty of spilling coke on your computer system or are you ashamed of dropping your hard disk? Oops! Your hard disk is dead of course and all your data is gone, this is due to human error that causes physical calamity.
hardware error could occur when bad sectors develop in the disk platter and needle or technical term, disk head skips the bad sector area that does not read/write data in the bad sectors. This renders data inaccessible and unreadable to users.

2. Power outage or interruption 

There are two types of memories in a computer, a random access memory (RAM) that stores temporary data, and a hard drive that stores data permanently. The RAM is most likely to lose during power outages but in severe cases, data is lost in a hard disk and makes data inaccessible to the user.
 Sometimes, extreme heat conditions also cause computers to shut down eventually loss of data.

3. Improper USB drives ejection or removal

People always in hurry can go through data loss calamity while ejecting their USB drives as your data might still be read by the disk head but when you suddenly eject your USB drives, the hard drive data is lost due to power outage.

4. A computer virus

As hard drives are susceptible to viruses, they can infect the computer and lead to data loss situations. Sometimes downloading files from the internet can expose the computer system to viruses and malware that renders data to hackers.

5. Poor programming

Loss of data can result from a programmer of a computer as this programmer receives instructions by human and encodes it in the language that the system can read. The programmer sometimes adapts logical errors that cause data loss.

How to protect your computer hard disk from data loss?

  • Back up files from external hard drive

Keeping a backup of your precious data files in an external hard drive, Pen drive or USB flash drive can be a brilliant idea to access your data anytime even if you lost original data from your system.

  • Cloud storage backup

With the new trends in the IT, industry a new storage technique has evolved that is called cloud media storage, online media storage that offers a different range of capacity according to your data weightage. Turn on a scheduled backup of your data for storing data safely on time.

  • Anti-virus and malware program

Installing an anti-virus in your computer will protect the hard disk from malware and data hacking by troubleshooting infected files and cleaning them.

  • Try not to run any recovery software

When you try to run/install any recovery software on your hard drive it overwrites the disk with new data and makes your data inaccessible that can’t be salvaged anymore.

What could the solution?

The perfect answer to your data loss problems is a professional computer or hard disk data recovery service that has years of experience and good customer reviews to look for.
Professional problems need professional solutions that use specialized software and hardware to recover your sensitive files. Even if you secede to retrieve your files from recovery software then get ready to accept program technicality, data overwriting, no guaranteed recovery of all files, and many problems. You might also find that some of your data is still missing in your system that is crucial to you.
Investing in a professional hard disk data recovery service will value your money and time and your data will be in secure hands as well.

Why Techchef for your failed hard drive

Techchef priorities your needs and employs highly skilled technicians that tailor you the best computer data recovery solutions. Computer hard drives sometimes go through mechanical failure or are infected by malicious programs hence, render data inaccessible to you. Techchef is the most trusted brand in HDD data recovery and SSD data recovery service that assures you the best data security with 100% data recovery success.
Visit us at for a free consultation regarding computer data loss problems.

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