5 Bitcoin Wallet Apps You Need To Check Out

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Over the last couple of years, Bitcoin has gained so much momentum that it has opened a new horizon for digital currencies all over the world. The high value of bitcoin compared to the U.S dollar and all other currencies have made it into a lucrative investment opportunity as well.

But before you start with your Bitcoin investments, you need an app for the transactions. In case you don’t know How to make a bitcoin wallet app, you’ll need to pick a wallet app from hundreds available in the market. Here is a list of top 5 Bitcoin wallet app you can pick from.

Edge [Airbitz]

Airbitz is a powerful bitcoin wallet that is also easy to use. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the special feature of Airbitz is that your funds and transaction info are not accessible by anyone, even Airbitz itself. Along with the great privacy feature, there are a few more bonus features with this app.

  • Buy discounted gift cards

  • Hassle free account creation

  • Easily buy or sell bitcoin from a linked bank account

  • Decentralized server, the wallet will work even when the server is down.


Breadwallet is one of the most secure bitcoin wallets you can find in the market. It’s the only wallet app that directly connects to the bitcoin network, which means that your funds are always safe. Even when you lose or damage your phone, you can recover your funds with the recovery passphrase. Additional features that come with Breadwallet are

  • Easy payment to the Bitcoin-accepting stores and merchants/

  • Send and receive bitcoins instantly

  • Store your bitcoins safely with hardware encryption

  • Recovery passphrase you can use to recover your funds easily.


Bither is a wallet app that can be used in both Hot or Cold mode. You can easily run the wallet on hot mode, instantly sending and receiving bitcoins. Along with that, Bither hot wallet mode is a decentralized P2P wallet app, which means you need no registration or log in to use the app.with the real-time monitoring of bitcoin market prices, you can easily invest in Bitcoins using the hot wallet mode.

Bither cold wallet mode protects your private keys using digital passwords. The app in its cold wallet mode will automatically backup your funds in case of loss or damage of the phone. Available on both Android and iOS, this is a wallet app you need to check out if you are thinking about using Bitcoin wallet apps.


You can use the GreenAddress Cordova wallet on both Android and iOS smartphones. It is the perfect wallet app for you if you are looking for ease of use along with security and privacy.

You will get easy paper wallet backup with BIP39 Mnemonics while using GreenAddress. Upon logging in or transaction you’ll also get the confirmation via SMS or e-mail. If you want a bitcoin wallet app with a high level of security, then GreenAddress is the app for you.


As a free HD bitcoin wallet, Coinspace can be a great choice for you to make payments with Bitcoins worldwide. You get complete control of your funds. Along with that, you can also generate secure passphrase to recover your funds in case of damage to your phone. The app makes Bitcoin transaction easy for you no matter wherever you are.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise today and they are taking over the economy. To get with this current trend, you have to make the right choice in bitcoin wallet apps. Any Bitcoin wallet app created by a reputed Blockchain app development company can be the right fit, but you still have to be careful with choosing one.

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