5 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

by Clay P. Affiliate Manager

While you are just starting a blogging website, everything seems difficult. Like finding topics to write articles on, finding the perfect keywords, designing everything to make your blog attractive, and much more. And while doing all these things, you need to get a good amount of traffic on your website as well. And I am sure that many of you are not starting a blog just to pursue your passion, your ultimate goal is monetizing your traffic and earn huge money. Then, the process is more difficult and frustrating. You will face difficulties while finding the best affiliate program, getting approval from Google AdSense, and many more. But I have got some solutions for you. Here I am writing some of the best ways to monetize your blogging website to earn money online. And make a constant passive income.

  • Things to consider while start blogging:

Let me tell you some rules about blogging. You must follow these rules if you want to get success in the long run. Ignoring these rules will make your success slower and maybe you won’t get enough traffic and monetize your website either.

  • Stay focused:

Stay focused on a particular industry or niche. Continuously post about the same niche or topic. For making it easier, choose a topic that you are passionate about. And by adding too many blogs for the same category, you will get your core audience. Try not to go into so many niches, no one is free to read every blog you publish. Let me get this straight, no one would be interested in reading all of your topics. Stay focused on a single category and grow your website around it.

  • Quality matters:

People think that blogging is only about posting a huge amount of content to your website. That’s not true. You must provide quality to your content. If it is hard to maintain quality, try posting 2 or 3 blogs maximum in a month and add quality into it. Your content must be attractive and engaging.

  • Engagement:

Continuing previous topic, your content must be engaging. Otherwise, people would just skip it and read something else. Add some value to it. People must get useful something by reading your blog. If people are engaged in your article, they would spend more time reading it and are more likely to purchase something by clicking on your ad or link.

  • Do not over-promote:

Keep it natural. provide affiliate links, and place ads on your blog where they fit correctly. People are not coming to your blog for watching ads, give them what they want “Your Knowledge”. Your audience will only purchase something from you if you have earned their trust first. Try to build relations with visitors.

  • 5 best ways to monetize your blog:

There are many ways to monetize your website, you can choose any of them. Here I am writing some of the easiest and core methods. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. For doing this, you have to signup for an affiliate program that suits you best; and promote its products on your website by adding affiliate links or placing banners. 

Choose an affiliate program related to your blog category. For instance, you are posting blogs about fitness and workout; You can promote health supplements, workout equipment, and anything related to that.

Here are some of the best and highest-paying affiliate programs.

  • Amazon Associates: 

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce store and their affiliate program is also very famous. You can signup for their program to choose from a variety of products to promote.

If you are interested in promoting web hosting services, you should check this amazing affiliate program. You can earn a commission starting from $20           upto $200 for each sale and they also offer PPC commission which means you will get paid for every visitor you refer to their website even if they do not purchase anything.

  • ClickBank:

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the world. Some of the most popular brands have joined this network to offer their affiliate programs.

Some other mentions:

Flipkart affiliate

CJ affiliates


  1. Selling E-Books:

If you have some knowledge about a particular topic, you can make an e-book and place the link on your blog where your audience can buy the book and you will earn some money. You can earn money quickly this way, make a book related to your blogging category and make it look attractive. Writing some strategies or techniques, or making a non-fictional book is easy and you can get more conversions with it. 

  1. Online course:

If you are not willing to write a book, you can create an online course as well. You have to make some videos about a particular topic and that’s it. You can market this course on your blog and build some sales funnels to make it more effective.

  1. Running PPC advertisements:

By running PPC advertisements, you can generate so much money. But the requirement for that is to have a traffic of 10,000+ people. Then you can earn something considerable. Although you can contact the advertiser (business) and ask them to make a custom pricing for you. For convincing them, you must have loyal traffic in the business’s niche. If you can guarantee the business to get some minimum traffic each day, you can earn more money from PPC ads.

  1. Arrange Webinars:

You can arrange some weekly or monthly webinars where you interact with your audience and share your knowledge. If your webinars are good enough, people would spend some money to visit them. Put a token fee, the higher the visitors you will get for the webinar, the higher your earnings would be. If you get successful at this, gradually increase your fees and provide more quality through your webinars. To do this, read some articles daily or watch videos of experts to increase your knowledge; and add your experience with that to make your unique content. 

  • Conclusion:

I hope you found something useful in this article, Many marketers and bloggers have got success by doing all these things. Applying them would surely give you some results. Do not step back if you face some minor failures, you will get them because you are just starting up. Learn from them and grow your business in the long term. 

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