5 Best Ways On Improving The Quality Of Colour Print

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Whatever you are printing, are important, as the hard copies turn your ideas into a document. The documents are when presented in finer hues. At the same time, the coloured printed documents amplify all your designed marketing ideas and sales significantly. Your brand is even expressed by the colour printing along with your business values. The printer, ink, and toner cartridges play a combined role to print the documents. The most preferred cartridges are the Canon cartridges

So, make sure to follow the best printing practices to represent the documents in bright colours.
Canon Ink Cartridges

1. Choose the best paper quality
Colour will be smeared on the low-quality papers as all the papers are not the same, and low-quality papers cause dullness.  It is best to avoid inferior paper quality even if the prices are lower. Recycled papers are often suitable. So why buying the papers, first check the papers you have bought good quality ones.

2. Check the Printer Settings 
Increasing the print resolution for maximizing the dpi option in print dialogue screen can be done quickly for the illustration. Some printer might have to be changed to CYMK colour mode for optimizing the colour printing. The printer software decides the setting changes to be made. Ensure your colour settings of your computer monitor are in calibration to the settings of your printer and set to the best or high quality. Thus, you will not have any kind of continual inconsistency between what you are seeing on the screen and the colour printed document received from the printer.  

3. Quality of the Printer Cartridge
Similar to the printer paper, toner and ink have varying quality, but you cannot compromise on the colour printing. That is why you should trust only the branded names for toners and ink. When you use Canon cartridges, you are free from the worries, since it is built with upgraded technology and will never fail you. 

4. Choose the Inkjet 
To print the colour documents, the inkjet printers are the best. Inkjet printers print high-quality photos and everything which needs tonal depth. The dry powder applicable in toner technology powers the laser printers makes it unfit for the wet ink or the inkjet technology when the coloured documents of photos are to be printed. 

5. Make the Colors Work 
When the print is important then you have to consider the printed colour. A list of statistics states the colour is too important to take into account.

  • 92% of people believe that colour presents the impressive image quality
  • 90% of people feel colour helps in attracting the attention of new customers
  • 83% of people are of the view that colour helps to make the printed documents appear more attractive.

Thus, you have to use colour in the right context. Some valuable tips on colour will help you to print the coloured documents better. 

  • Orange - Orange expresses extrovert feelings like warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness. Orange even shows affordability and low cost.  
  • Pink - Pink often denotes femininity and is often attached to the kids. Nevertheless, pink evokes caring feelings, nurture, and feelings of love.
  • Red - Red attracts the attention of the readers and instils a craving to take action. Red radiates warmth, anger, love, danger, excitement, boldness, speed, and such related extrovert emotions. 
  • Green - Green is an environmental colour, which is excellent to convey reliability, durability, optimism, luxuriousness, springtime, well-being, honesty, freshness, harmony, and safety.
  • Yellow - Yellow is an awesome attention-grabbing shade communicating liveliness, comfort, hunger, happiness, energy, optimism, and happiness.
  • Brown - Brown is the wholesome colour symbolizing relaxation, confidence, nature, durability, and reassurance.  
  • Purple - Purple is an expression of royalty, power, elegance, sophistication, luxury, elegance, and nobility.
  • Blue - Blue communicates honour, reliability, loyalty, peace, trust, and professionalism. The colour even marks winter and coldness, stability, and depth.  
Canon Printer Cartridges
All your printed hard copies are important. Make sure the right colour is printed since clarity is vital to upkeep the reality of your business. Canon cartridges are ideal for bright prints and you can be satisfied with the printed copies. 

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