5 Best Free Shopify Themes 2019

by Himanshu Patel CEO and Founder of NectarBits

Do you know that managing an independent e-commerce store platform is a difficult task when your stores to manage lots of products and start to increase your store activity? Then should use easy e-commerce platforms which help to maintain a healthy status of the store. Hence, thousands of online shopping stores use Shopify as their back end eCommerce Platform, which is easy and strong E-commerce website platform for online store builders.

Furthermore, There are so many options available for Shopify, it’s an all-in-one solution for running an eCommerce store, for the company, brand, individual as well as freelance needs. Shopify provides best services which can benefit everyone.

If you want to build a new eCommerce website then today doesn’t require any type of innovative developments. There are many entrepreneurs don’t have the know- how to build an online store from a design as well as they don’t have lots of money to pay for that as well as they don’t know about the cost of online E-commerce website development.

Then after eCommerce platforms like Shopify come in and solve your problems. first of all when you select Shopify then you have to do is sign up for Shopify, pay the monthly fee, then choose a Shopify theme for your design. Furthermore, there are many paid themes are as professional as you can get, but also the free category has it’s available as well.

With the themes through, you can adjust designs and content, while adding your products. These themes are important to reduce the design time, easy to build so that’s why we want to depict here the best free Shopify themes available.

But, first of all, the question is that How to choose e-commerce store theme?

How to choose e-commerce store theme?

Here are some things to keep in mind before picking your Shopify theme:

1. Make Sure Your Shopify Theme Looks Familiar
2. Think of Your Resources When Selecting a Shopify Theme
3. View Your Products on the Shopify Theme
4. Consider a Mobile Friendly Shopify Theme
5. Look for Lightweight Shopify Themes

5 Best Free Shopify Themes 2019

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to the 5 best free Shopify themes of 2019. Let’s see here some of the themes are minimalist themes, multipurpose themes, and themes designed for specific types of stores.

Let’s take a look!

1. Simple

Simple Free Shopify Theme

Key points of Simple Shopify Theme

• Simple theme is also known as Beauty

• Free to install the Shopify template for eCommerce stores

• Create store for Beauty product so this theme is useful for building online beauty store or website.

• The main benefit of this theme is designed works really well if you plan to use it to promote make-up, cologne, or other similar items.

• Optimized the design to work with mobile devices.• In mobile design, this theme makes really appealing and quite impressed by the precision of detail.

• This theme provides Social Media icons and also provide some specific widgets like a fancy box that you can either disable or enable as you need.

• At last, all Shopify themes provide documentation that allows you to easily understand about theme function, design and how to make changes to them without breaking the overall design.


Download: Simple Shopify Theme

2. Skeleton Theme

Skeleton Free Shopify Theme

Key points of Skeleton Shopify Theme

• Skeleton theme is known as Shopify caters themes.

• The main benefit of this theme to all store sizes including those with a larger set of products.

• Supply is a suitable name for this template because it will allow you to arrange a large supply of products on a template that’s made with both digital and electronic stores in mind.

• The main benefit of this template is that the navigation has been designed to allow the users to jump from one category to another continuously with things like related products, top-selling products, and other product categories display constantly to visitors.

• When you see the demo styles, then this store becomes apparent into luxury item’s store like Furniture store, so this theme is useful for make Online Furniture store or website. That’s the benefit of these free Shopify themes.

• Customers who use the Supply theme seem to love, the search/navigation feature the most, outlining how easy it is for the customer to navigate products and ultimately make their purchases.

Download: Skeleton Shopify Theme

3. Boundless

Boundless Free Shopify Theme
Key points of Boundless Shopify Theme

• Boundless theme is useful for fashion store items. This theme is targeting store owners who wish to promote/sell their fashion-related items.

• This minimal Shopify template is modern but looks equally amazing and wonderful on the desktop and mobile devices.

• This theme is provided huge slideshow on the homepage which useful to promote more product items and catch your customers. Also, another feature is the photo collection.

• The photo collection necessarily, ties up all of the design, allowing you to display only the product photos that then lead to the product pages.

• Some customers have shown their disapproval because apparently, the site doesn’t look equally as good once you actually install the template, but one thing to keep in mind about demo previews is that they use a full content set that perfectly compliments each of the features.

• To achieve the same demo result, you need to make sure that you have enough content/products on your store so you can display them your site with its full potential.

Download: Boundless Shopify Theme

4. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Free Shopify Theme

Key points of Brooklyn Shopify Theme

• Brooklyn is best themes for an online apparel store. Hence, it is one of the few themes that only comes with one style.

• This theme design mostly depends upon great photos so you’ll require great photography of products to easily sell your products.

• This theme upon great page header which can use a slideshow to pan between photos and products on the site. Also, you can insert own call-to-action into this header which links connect into your site such as shop men’s, women’s, children, etc.

• The product page has its own custom grid system which can look unstable. But thankful to provide full control and easily customized with can update the grid to suit as per your needs.

• At last Brooklyn comes with little extra features such as sold out products, discounted products for sales and badges for new products.

• Furthermore, this free theme offers a lot for the amazing price tag of 0$. This theme works best for clothing & apparel shops so you can use this theme for another store but that heavily depends on photos.

Download: Brooklyn Shopify Theme

5. Annabelle


Annabelle Free Shopify ThemeKey points of Annabelle Shopify Theme

• Annabelle is the best free depends on the theme, but not introduced by Shopify. This free theme published by Space Squirrel which creates related Shopify content like apps.

• It’s a great free theme which provides full support of mobile devices.

• Furthermore, the main benefit of this theme is fully customizable so you can easily change all the fonts, colors, text as well as homepage design.

• With this theme, product pages are well organized so they include the hover-to-zoom feature which commonly has in eCommerce shops or websites. Also, this theme provides three individual styles which you can view from the main page.

• And while this theme doesn’t cost any money, it does require an e-mail address.

• This free theme works as a lead magnet for Space Squirrel so it’s not a simple one-click install.

Download: Annabelle Shopify Theme

In the end, we have outlined here the most popular and useful free Shopify themes. If you want to start your eCommerce business in fashion, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., then finds the best free e-commerce website themes related to your business and download it.

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