5 Best Exercises For Neck And Shoulders Pain Relief

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By means of several factors, people may encounter neck and shoulder pain, which further on growing may cause severe health concerns, complications, and interrupt your day-to-day lifestyle. Interfere in work, or doing something else which is necessary and important. Therefore it’s worth it to get it treated as soon as possible. In the medical world, there are different types of treatment approaches available. However, we’ll discuss the physiotherapy and related exercises.

Neck and shoulder pain can occur due to various factors such as sprain and strain due to inappropriate posture or overexertion, sports injury, accidents, fractures, degeneration, or something else. In case of minor pain, it could go away by itself; however, in case of high pain or if the severity is more than it needs to be treated in inappropriate ways. The neck and shoulder pain physiotherapy can be the right person who can completely check and suggest what should be done to cure the pain.

In most cases, injuries and degenerative arthritis are the prime reasons for neck and shoulder pain. In the case of degenerative disc disease in the neck, this may further lead to cervical radiculopathy or sometimes referred to as the pinching of nerves. This degenerative disease can be the cause of radiating pain. However, torn cartilage, arthritis, torn rotator cliff, broken shoulder or arm, frozen shoulder, etc. are the most common reasons for shoulder pain. Doctors may recommend anti-inflammatory medication such as naproxen, or pain relievers like acetaminophen to reduce the pain.

Symptoms of Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

There are a few symptoms associated with neck and shoulder pain, which we should have a look at neck and shoulder pain. People who are suffering neck and shoulder pain may feel pain in the middle of any side of the neck, which further can be up to the upper chest or shoulder. Numbness or tingling, dizziness, muscle spasms can be other symptoms. 

Best Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you feel neck pain, then you should consult with your doctor. And after the proper consultation, you may continue neck pain relief exercises. It’s good to perform the neck pain exercise under the observation of physio. In case you feel pain while performing the neck pain exercise, then don’t force yourself, leave it immediately and tell your doctor. The same procedure, you should apply for shoulder pain. Here are a few recommended exercises for neck pain and shoulder pain.

Neck Pain Relief Exercises:-  

The given below exercises derive good results in case of neck pain.

  • Neck Tilt

  • Side-to-Side Neck Tilt

  • Neck Turn

  • Neck Stretch

Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises:- 

The physiotherapist can suggest you perform the following exercises in order to get relief from shoulder pain.

  • Across the arms chest stretch

  • Shoulder stretch

  • Door lean

  • Door press

  • Chest expansion

  • Eagle arm spinal rolls

  • Seated twist

  • Shoulder circle

Anodyne Spine Clinic can provide you better treatment for neck and shoulder pain. A team of best physiotherapy specialists can assist in providing you early recovery from the pain.

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