5 Advantages of custom mobile application development in 2022

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

Having a customised mobile application has become the need of the hour for every business in 2022. Here are the benefits of investing in custom mobile application development for your business. 


Mobile devices are now used by people more than desktops or laptops and that’s because of the ease of using mobile gadgets at any time and from anywhere. Today, there are already millions of mobile devices available in the market running on different Operating Systems and there are billions of mobile users in the world. This has even increased the need and demand for mobile applications for every business now. Investing in mobile application development has become the need of the hours for businesses in 2022 because of the increasing usage of applications for almost everything and because of the ease of using mobile apps. In this article, you can check out the benefits of custom mobile app development that can offer a more personalised experience to your users. 


Now, what is custom mobile application development


A custom mobile app is built more accurately and uniquely keeping the distinct business specifics and these custom apps are available to a specific group of users, unlike the off-the-shelf mobile apps that are available for everyone. Every business comes with a different set of requirements, target users, and workflow. As a result of this, generic tech solutions may not be enough to solve business problems and fulfil their requirements. In these cases, building customised mobile applications can be a great idea to boost the effectiveness of the apps, increase customer satisfaction, and meet the unique business specifics. 


So, what are the different ways of building a custom mobile application? Well, there are two ways of creating a custom mobile app. You can either build a custom app from scratch or can even modify an off-the-shelf application to a custom app solution. 


No matter you are planning to get your custom app developed from scratch or you want to modify your existing application and convert it into a custom app, you can leverage its benefits of it in every way and can give a competitive edge to your business. 


Here are the benefits of having a custom mobile application in 2022. 


Better fit:

As already mentioned previously, every single business, be it of any industry or any size needs a good custom mobile application now. Every business has its own set of requirements, goals, and paradigms. Using a normal off-the-shelf mobile application can offer a general solution to your business needs. In this regard, it may not fit your unique business specifics like your target audience, your target locations or regions, etc. Custom mobile app solutions ensure the integration of specific things to the applications, ensuring a more personalised experience to the customers or users. In other words, custom apps better fit the business needs and objectives in every way. 



A fully customised mobile application can give your business a competitive advantage. A custom application can meet the uniqueness of your business needs, thereby offering enhanced user experience and satisfaction. This can, in turn, increase the market value of your brand or business. 


Custom apps are scalable:

When your business will have its own customised application, it will be easier for you to make adjustments or changes to the app as per the changing requirements of your business like changes in product categories, changes in target locations, etc. The size of the application may also change with time and with the changes made to it.  In such cases, it is always better to go with custom apps that are scalable and can be customised or scaled up with the business changes. 


Improved customer engagement:

With custom mobile apps, businesses can offer the users or customers individual-specific news, updates, and notifications about their products and services in real time. Custom mobile applications also allow businesses to monitor their customer behaviours and preferences that can be a great advantage in enhancing customised marketing strategies. 



Normal off-the-shelf applications may not be equipped with technical safeguards, thereby, putting the business data at risk. Developing a custom app can help to strengthen the data security system with things like setting different levels of authentication, obfuscating code, etc. Another noteworthy point is that some industries like finance and healthcare are heavily regulated and building a custom application has become a necessity for those organisations.


Now, having understood the benefits of having a custom mobile application, it is essential to choose the right mobile application development company to build an exceptional custom app for your business. Determine your business needs and timeline, consider the technical expertise of the company, take references, and check out the app development cost considering your budget. Finding a good and highly experienced company is important to ensure the company will use the latest custom app development tools and technologies and to ensure it will provide post-development services like app updates, app maintenance, and support as well. 


Rob Stephen is a dedicated and expert mobile app developer associated with an award-winning mobile application development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. The author has written this article to let you know the benefits of having a custom mobile application in 2022.

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