4 Tips on Installing Roof Shingles

by Kevin Smith Author

Roofs are a pretty important part of any house. Everything you own is going to be under it, after all, not to mention the people living there. And how often have you used the phrase "Not under my roof" or "As long as you're living under my roof", to list just two examples? So if you're going to install roof shingles, or repair your roof, you're going to want to make sure it's done right. Here are few things to consider before you go shopping for nails for shingles in Atlanta.

1. Start with the Starter Course

Along the eaves at the roof's edge is where you're going to lay your first shingles. This is known as the starter course. After placing all the other elements making up your roofing materials, you'll need to cut off the tabs of the shingles and place those. The first course of the regular shingles butt up against the starters and lying on top of them. Remember to have the sealant strip on the starter course assisting in holding down the shingles in the first course. This should help prevent damage from heavy winds.

2. Shingles Should Offset

Your goal should be to offset each following course by 6 inches horizontally from the one just beneath it. If done properly, the cutout gaps between the tabs should be organized as such that they match up with each other every other time. Vertically, the courses should offset by 5 inches. Ideally, the cutouts' tops on the lower course will meet the edge of the tabs of each succeeding course. Using chalk lines drawn horizontally should aid in this process.

3. Fasten the Shingles

Nail the shingle once over each cutout gap, and once approximately an inch from the shingle's edge. Including the overlapping layers, this works out to four nails per shingle. In high wind area, it's best to use six nails per shingle, adding the additional nails on each side of the cutout gap. If you're dealing with architectural shingles and there are two overlapping layers, be sure to space the nails so that they are even across the shingles.

4. Slope Steepness

Shingles are designed for typical roof slopes. If you have a roof that is unusually steep, it could make it difficult for the self-sealing strips to adhere. If the roof's pitch is 18:12 or more, plan on using at least six nails per shingle.

Once you get the hang of how the shingles offset, and you've shopped for nails for shingles in Atlanta, the rest of the process is cake.

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