4 Reasons Why Synthetic Lawns Are Becoming the First Choice in Sydney

by Ranny Watson Blogger

We generally prefer natural over synthetic products for daily use because they are more human-friendly as well as environment-friendly too. To an extent, it is true but not in all cases. For instance, preferring synthetic turf over natural may seem like a foolish decision but it is actually not if you are living in the hot regions of Australia. The manufacturers and distributors of artificial lawns in Sydney are now increasing because of the rise in demand. Currently, three kinds of synthetic materials are very popular for artificial lawn i.e.

  1. Nylon

  2.  Polypropylene 

  3. Polyethylene 

On the basis of durability, texture, color and feel, polyethylene is the best option. Nylon is durable but stiff and one can easily identify that it is artificial. On the other hand, polypropylene is a soft material but not suitable for the long run. That is why professionals of synthetic lawns in Sydney prefer polypropylene turf despite its higher price. After installation for once, it can easily survive for the next 10-12 years. Let’s get back to understand the major reasons for preferring synthetic lawn in Sydney over the natural variants. 

Why choosing a synthetic turf is a better option?

  1. High temperature 

Sydney is a hot region where only strong plants can survive. Soft grass cannot withstand these climatic conditions and turn yellow. We like turf only in green colouṛ. If it looks dull, it’s better to go with a synthetic option, These turfs are manufactured in a way that the artificial color remains consistent for years in all climatic conditions. 

  1. Water requirement 

In dry areas like Sydney, turf needs continuous water to thrive. Grass has short roots that cannot get water from the ground. In a dry area like Sydney, wasting water only to keep the turf green is not a wise decision. The artificial lawn in Sydney remains fresh and green without irrigation. You just need to wash it occasionally in order to attain a shiny look. 

  1. Pest control 

Pest infestation is a big issue in Australia because of climatic conditions. Green grass with moisture is the ideal location for them to thrive. For pest control, you further need to invest in pesticide chemicals that are not good for our environment. With artificial turf, you will not have to face such kinds of problems. 

  1. No maintenance 

Grass grows continuously and it requires regular mowing. If you ignore it, it will soon turn into a mini jungle where weeds also thrive. Using lawn mowers and weedicides is a time-consuming task. Again, weedicides are harmful for our ecosystem. Once you successfully spread the synthetic turf on the ground, it will not grow and do not allow weeds to come out. 

From the above four points, you can understand that there is a huge significance to the artificial lawn in Sydney. It is not only suitable according to the climatic conditions of this region but also environment-friendly from many perspectives. 

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