4 Reasons Why Buying an Apartment on an Upper Floor is the Best Idea


In one of the interviews, Ranbir Kapoor once said, “I want to reach the heights of stardom beyond my imagination.”

We don’t know much about stardom (or Ranbir Kapoor), but let’s talk about heights. We can take you to heights.

For those of you who are afraid of heights, let us tell you that living in an apartment on an upper floor, in a high-rise building, has its fair share of perks. You could always live with that perception of experiencing a happily-ever-after, in a ground floor apartment, but it’s also important for you to know exactly why buying an apartment on one of the upper floors is the best idea ever.

For a minute or so, take a giant leap of faith in us, when we say that your life could very well be a collection of breath-taking moments, whilst living on one of the upper floors, in a high-rise building. No, we’re not overselling it.

Allow us to negate the top floor flat disadvantages and talk about why buying an apartment on an upper floor is most probably a life-altering decision, only for the better.

1. An Adieu to Pollution

Which one is the eviller of the two? Noise or Air Pollution?

We say, both!

With your dream home on the 21st floor, in a building consisting 25 floors in total, your life will be like living in Sunny Land, stripped of all kinds of pollution. As you will take the elevator and step out on the 21st floor, you will realise that the level of cringing noise pollution will have decreased considerably. You will be able to witness a clearer sky and will have to tackle negligible dust. Therefore, living on the 21st floor will be nothing short of a boon, the kind that will endow you with ample peace of mind and other senses.

2. The World-Class View

You might not be a movie star, who became the next big sensation because of their “healthy breakfast” regime, but you could certainly live like one. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, and coming on the balcony, only to witness a view, the sheer beauty of which blows your mind away. If you have an apartment on the 21st floor, you have a sure shot ticket to La La Land, in terms of the view. You might as well be living in the clouds, for all we know.

And who doesn’t want to experience an extraordinary lifestyle in the clouds? Not us, that’s for sure!

3. Mosquito Who?

Yes, you can pull out the handkerchief and wipe those tears of happiness with great joy, because you heard that right.

Mosquitoes won’t harass you, if you have an apartment on the upper floor.

Neither will those hideously terrifying bugs and beetles.

Nor will the lizards haunt your dreams at night.

Honestly, it won’t even feel like you’re living in a polluted metropolitan city if you’re living on one of the upper floors. Because then you’d always be like, “What’s a mosquito?”

In a city like Delhi, how many of you get the chance to question something like that to yourself on a daily basis? Not most of you, we’re guessing. Moreover, you could save all that money that you were initially going to spend on mosquito repellents and Odomos, and buy yourself a hearty meal at some fancy restaurant.

4. Immense Venti-elation!

You now another detail that is absolutely amazing about an apartment on the upper floor? A lot of ventilation!

Lower floors will never have as much ventilated atmosphere, as opposed to an apartment on one of the upper floors. And if the apartment is super spacious, then you’ve won the lottery, my friend.

Why Choose RG Residency?

We’re going to do you a favour, and put the cherry on that delicious chocolate cake, once and for all. RG Residency, a residential development in Sector 120, central Noida, is offering super spacious 3/3.5 BHK apartments to everyone who dreams of glamour, at the same time as peace of mind, at the most competitive price in the market. Now, here comes the cherry.

90% of this project is already occupied, which gives you the advantage of a well-settled neighbourhood. The units that are left for sale, are selling out like hotcakes. Most of them are positioned on the upper floors. Hurrah!

You should hurry, and grab an apartment ASAP, before they sell out completely. You could also call at 1800-3002-3008 for more information.

Here’s a tip; maybe you should go for a site visit and check out B-2501; the view is priceless, from up there.

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