4 Reasons to Brush Your Teeth before Bed

by Neville Jones Dental Services

If you have a habit of going in the bed without brushing your teeth, it is truly a gross for your dental health. Dentists recommend to at least brushing your teeth twice a day – after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. There are many people who justify their oral health saying they have a tight schedule to stick to a better dental routine. Some people neglect to brush at night just because laziness they feel after dinner.

However, when you prefer good personal dental care, you not only achieve good dental health but also a brighter and confident smile. It is ideal to brush and floss before you go for sleep. Here are the best reasons to brush your teeth before bed:

Prevent Bacteria Buildup

If you’re skipping to brush before bed, you’re surely inviting more bacteria to accumulate and create trouble for your dental health. It is recommended by most of the family dentistry experts to brush teeth at least two times in 24 hours for a minimum of two minutes. The bacteria together produce a film of plaque or tartar on your teeth that gets thicker if avoided constantly. When you brush, you prevent plaque formation and keep your pearly whites safe from dental cavities.

Avoid a Gum Disease

Gum disease could be the worst outcome of not brushing twice a day. It is not always suggested to brush after having meals but it can be considered an ideal dental care Somerset approach to remove food particles that remain stuck until you brush next time. The longer food particles will sit between your teeth and gums, the more bacteria will nourish and cause problems such as cavities and gum disease. There can be other reasons for gum disease, inflammation, and gum bleeding but it mostly happens due to bad oral hygiene.

Bad Breath

You would never appreciate spending time with someone who has an unpleasant breath. And it can be really embarrassing the moment someone refuses or interrupt you just because of stinky breath. Dentists in Somerset NJ recommend that brushing your teeth before bed can help you in getting rid of from bad breath.

Avoid Heart Disease

It may be surprising for you but there is always a strong link between your oral health and heart health. When bacteria form in your mouth they continuously grow and develop a harder, rough, and yellowish film on your teeth. It leads to several problems including gum disease and tooth decay. These bacteria then easily enter your bloodstream through gum disease and reach to arteries and increase the production of blood clots.

It is advised to consult your Somerset family dentistry regularly and take dental checkups to be aware of your oral health condition. It is very important to brush the teeth before bed that keeps your teeth whiter, healthy, and strong.

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