4 Problems With Low Budget Split Air Conditioner

by Rudra S. Consultant

Air conditioners are now a necessity in our homes. With the climate wavering towards extreme humidity in areas as well as polluted cities have paved way to its utmost importance at our home and places of work.  During the peak season you would want your air conditioner to be working in perfect condition and that is also the time when the price for it touches the sky.  Be it a split AC, a window AC or any other machine, we need to admit that it is susceptible to technical breakdown or issues at some point in their life. Such problems can be mitigated if the repairing and servicing is done on time, however, some machines do not accept these services as they are poorly packaged units with cheap parts and low quality parts. 24000 BTU Inverter Split AC Price in Bangladesh can range from anything low priced to something lux and high end. We are not encouraging you to step into the ultra luxury brands, but remember that the one time upfront cost for your AC will save you huge amount of money in future. The cost effective split AC by Daikin will not ask for anything more than a timely maintenance and give you great years of efficient air conditioning.

In this blog, let us look closely at the problems you will face if you believe in investing less at the time of purchase but are most likely to be experiencing cost incurring troubles in future,

Some of the most common split AC problems arise due to lack of servicing, frequent servicing needed in low budget machines, low quality part damage, wear and tear and more.

1. Lesser Cooling

Split air conditioners are efficient and it does not take very long to bring down the temperature of the room. Now, if in case you notice that your split AC system isn’t functioning like before and is not cooling with the same intensity or taking longer to cool, it means that there is some underlying wreckage or issue with the machine. The cause behind the slow functioning or lack of cooling could be a dirty and clogged air filter, clogged condenser drain, or frosting on the evaporator coils.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Air filters play a primary role in protecting the AC from dust, debris, and hair. In order to keep them clean and debris free, it is imperative to maintain its cleanliness. These filters require cleaning very frequently, frequently once every 6 months. These filters get clogged and can badly affect the AC’s cooling performance. Clogged filters also add extra pressure on the AC to work harder and also consumes more energy thus incurring an increase in utility bills.

3. Frosting around the evaporator Coils

The probable reason behind reduced efficiency of your air conditioner could be the frosting around the evaporator coils. Ice can form on the AC’s evaporator coils if you don’t maintain your AC regularly, which also leads to the collection of debris on other parts of the AC. This results in formation of an ultra-thin sheet of ice on the evaporator coil resulting in absorption of latent heat and slowing down of AC’s cooling performance. If the frosting doesn’t go away it is imperative, to call a service professional to solve the issue.

4. Low Refrigerant Level or Gas leakage

The outdoor compressor being dirty blocked by debris, can also impact the cooling performance and also degrade and stop it from exchanging across the indoor unit. 24000 BTU Split AC Price may be high but there is a less chance of that happening unless there is construction work going in or around your building or there is debris around your AC’s outdoor unit. You can also manage the cleanliness by cleaning it with a damp cloth or spraying water from time to time with high pressure.

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